10 Best Work From Home Jobs in 2019

Working from home is a pipe dream for many, but finding work from home jobs that actually pay well, can be a rather difficult task.

Though, in the last few years, I have seen a big shift in companies, both in India and abroad. As more businesses move online, they are more comfortable with people working remotely, both as freelancers and full-time employees. As a result, you can now find numerous work from home opportunities online.

Here are the best work from home jobs in India that actually pay well:

Working from home is a pipedream for many, but finding work from home jobs that actually pay well, can be a rather difficult task.

Work from home jobs that require some expertise

1- Online tutoring

As technology has closed the gap between teachers and students, it has given rise to many online tutoring jobs. If you are already a teacher or have an expertise in a subject, you can apply for tutoring jobs online and start earning income while working from home.

You can find online tutoring jobs on Tutor.com, Udemy, Vedantu, LinkedIn, and even Upwork.

2- Data entry

As a data entry expert, you may be required to organize data or research it online. To applying for work for home data entry jobs, you would mainly need to have a good idea about how to do research and have a beginner’s knowledge of Microsoft Excel. That’s about it.

You can find data entry jobs on Upwork, LinkedIn, and Naukri.

3- Stock Photographer

Do you like photography but you cannot travel to client locations just yet? You could get into stock photography to instantly start earning some income.

Stock photos available online can be purchased by people for commercial or personal purposes. Whether it is for blog posts, articles, company websites, magazines, posters, or anything else, companies need photos for several purposes. It is more affordable and time saving for them to buy a stock photo online than actually hire a photographer and get photos. For instance, if you are travelling to a famous tourist location, you could take a picture of it and upload it on a stock photography website and then if a travel company needs to do use a picture of that location, they can search for your photo and pay for it instantly.

You can upload and earn money from essentially any type of photos, as long as there is a market for it. Some of the websites where you can get started are Shutterstock, iStockphoto, 123rf, and Bigstockphoto

4- Social media assistant

Now social media assistants are actually a little different from social media marketers. Basically, the assistants are responsible for all the grunt work that the marketers don’t want to do — like uploading images, editing graphics, and generating reports.

While it may sound a little boring, it is a great place to start if you want to become a digital marketer in the future since it will give you a lot to learn.

You can apply for social media assistant jobs from home on Upwork.

5- Blogging

Blogging gives you the opportunity to earn money from your website through advertising and affiliate marketing. But of course, building a blog from ground up and getting traffic on it so that you can earn income is a very difficult and long term process.

Instead you can find blogging jobs from home online and help manage someone else’s website. This allows you to get a fixed stream of money without worrying about the performance of the website. You can find freelance blogging jobs on Upwork and apply for them.

6- Freelance writer

There are many freelance writing jobs from home that you can find online and kickstart your career as a freelance writer. I have been working remotely for more than four years, and it’s been truly great. How to start freelance writing? Create a sparkling portfolio and start applying for jobs online.

Work from home jobs that require little to no experience

7- Virtual Assistants

With businesses operating partly or completely online, they need to hire virtual assistants to help them complete and organize small tasks. This can be anything between responding to emails to uploading images or making data entry records.

You only require basic skills to get hired for virtual assistant jobs and it is also a great way for you to experience and learn new things. If you don’t have a preference or experience just yet, I would strongly suggest you to apply for some virtual assistant jobs online. You can find work from home job opportunities on both Upwork and LinkedIn.

8- Audio transcriber

An audio transcriber is someone who listens to audio files and then transcribes them into text form. So, for this, all you really need is a set of headphones and a good typing speed. Online transcription jobs are also a great way to start working from home since you really don’t need much skills for it. You can literally get started right away. You can look for audio transcription jobs on Upwork or sign up on websites like TranscribeMe! Or Scribbie that hire transcribers. Take a look at this complete list of websites that hire freelance audio transcribers.     

9- Translater

Know any other languages apart from English? You can get paid to translate! With businesses wanting to attract local customers, they are often looking to get content translated into regional languages. You can easily get translation jobs online with no experience as long as you are well versed in the language.

10- Online support

With online support, you may be required to work as a call centre support agent or a chat support agent. I would suggest applying for some non-phone jobs if you don’t live alone since you may have some noises or distractions in the background.

There are also many companies based in the US that need late night support, which is basically day time in India, making it perfect for you.

You can either browse job portals like Naukri or apply for online support jobs on Upwork.


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2 thoughts on “10 Best Work From Home Jobs in 2019”

  1. Even here in Italy we are starting to use remote work. But often these are little serious or underpaid jobs. I hope that in the future this type of work has a correct role.
    Your article is very interesting, thank you for the advice.

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