7 Effective Strategies to Find Freelance Writing Jobs
By Ritika Tiwari / May 6, 2019 / Comments: 1

Finding reliable freelance writing jobs is one of the most difficult and important things that you will have to do as a freelance writer. Nailing this part down and finding a steady stream of revenue through freelance writing opportunities can truly make all the difference.

Freelancing is a business, where you are your own boss. But to be successful at it, you need business acumen, otherwise, you may not be able to reach the right clients and get the right projects — no matter how talented you are.

Here are seven effective strategies to find freelance writing jobs:

Finding reliable freelance writing jobs is one of the most difficult and important things that you will have to do as a freelance writer. Nailing this part down and finding a steady stream of revenue through freelance writing opportunities can truly make all the difference.

1- Word of mouth publicity

The best way to quickly find freelance writing jobs from home is by leveraging your network. You can email the other freelancers or firms you are in contact with or just post on LinkedIn that you are available to take up freelance work.

While visiting cards may seem old school, you can distribute in your network to increase your chances of getting writing jobs.

2- Send cold pitches

Don’t wait for clients to reach out to you–instead email them about the writing services that you provide even before they start looking for a freelance writer.

Yes, cold pitches can be scary and in most cases you might not hear back, but even if you are able to score one project from sending 20 emails, then it’s all worth it. Here are a few tips for successfully sending cold pitches:

  • Do not send copy/paste emails to every client. Research about their company, what kind of content they may want, and attach relevant samples only. It’s very easy for people to detect copy/pasted emails and it will only put them off
  • Use a tool like Mailtrack to check if your emails have been read or not
  • Send only one followup email, a week after your first email
  • Try to schedule your cold pitch emails for early mornings around 10am when most offices open and send them during the first half of the week
  • Offer discounts to clients if they confirm a project within a stipulated period of time

3- Get in touch with other freelance writers

Many times, freelance writers get contacted by clients for freelance writing jobs that they may not be interested in or they may not have the time to take up a new project. When that happens, most freelance writers, including me, try to connect clients to other freelancers who might be available.

After all, what goes around always comes around. I always actively try to help other writers get projects because there have been many freelancers in the past who recommended me to their clients.

4- Update your LinkedIn

The best way to let clients know that you are available to take up freelance jobs online is by updating your LinkedIn profile. You can make changes to your LinkedIn status and current work status. You should also include links to your previously published articles on LinkedIn so that clients can check them out before connecting you regarding their freelance writing opportunities.

5- Use your website

It is important to maintain a personal brand and an online presence, especially when you are looking for freelance writing jobs online. You can use your personal website to include information about yourself, your past clients, and your portfolio.

A writer website doesn’t just increase your credibility in front of your clients and makes you look more professional, but it also saves you time. Instead of copy pasting the same information to clients over and over again–you can just share the link to your website.

6- Find a niche that can get you more jobs

Instead of selecting a niche on your own, find out what kind of niches generate the most freelance writing jobs.

You can search on freelance job websites like Upwork or Freelancer to see what kind of jobs clients are usually posting. The more popular niches in freelance writing that also pay more than the standard prices include technology and finance.

7- Scourge the job boards

There are many freelance writing job boards online where clients actively post about their writing requirements.

There are also many Facebook groups where you might be able to find freelance projects. Though I wouldn’t recommend those because most serious companies wouldn’t post their requirements on Facebook groups.

8- Pursue recurring long-term projects

For freelancers, a well-paid long term project is worth more than a one-off high paying project because the former guarantees long term revenue.

New freelance writers should especially focus more on long-term projects with recurring requirements. You can offer clients a small discount if they can guarantee work for the coming months (Make sure you get an freelance work agreement for long term projects so that clients don’t take advantage of your discounted rates and stop the project without any notice).

9- Use Twitter

Twitter is also a powerful platform that can help you connect with clients. You can use hashtags like #writingjobs or keywords like ‘looking for a writer’ to see if anyone is looking to hire a freelance writer.

10- Guest post on websites

A great way to build your resume is by guest posting on other websites. While some websites pay writers, others do not. Either way, it’s a great way to add some clippings to your portfolio, especially if you haven’t officially worked on too many projects.


But no matter what freelance writing jobs you work on, always remember — Don’t sell yourself short — Ask for what you deserve



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Its a great insight into grabbing opportunity as a freelance writer every option is crystal clear boasting your confidence thanks for the write up