10+ Ridiculously Easy Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

One of the biggest struggles of being a freelance writer? Finding genuine and well-paid freelance writing jobs. 

Hustle is a part of freelancing, but being your own boss shouldn’t mean continuously struggling to find work. When you are a freelancer, every hour wasted is money lost. 

The more hours you spend looking for work, the less time you  have to do your actual paid work. Imagine spending 3 hours applying to jobs, only to find one job that pays $5 per hour.

That is why you need to be smart when it comes to finding online writing jobs. Look at places where the competition is less and you are guaranteed to find high-paying job opportunities.

Not sure where to look? I have got 10 ridiculously easy ways to find genuine and high paying freelance writing jobs online

Job boards

If you are looking for high paying freelance writing jobs online, start with online job boards. 

Most job boards charge clients a small fee to post their job ad, but they don’t charge applicants anything. Since clients are already paying to post their jobs on these boards, you can be assured that they are genuine. More importantly, you get to reach out to clients directly without any middleman eating up your commission. 

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before pitching on job boards:

  • High quality and high paying content writing jobs are highly competitive too. You won’t be the only one applying to them. So not only should your project proposal stand out but you should only add samples that are 100% relevant to the client.
  • You may even come across low-paid, bulk writing jobs. There are many clients who need SEO-content in bulk. They may not care as much about research or the quality of content, quantity matters more to them.
  • The job boards are not responsible for cross-checking the genuineness of the clients or maintaining timely payments. They only connect you with the clients — rest is your responsibility, which is why you should setup an freelance agreement and ask the clients for an advance payment, if possible.

While the average pay rate you find on these job ads is somewhere around 5-7 cents per word, you can easily make $50-100 per article, which isn’t that bad if you are new to freelance writing.

1- Problogger 

Problogger is one of the most popular job boards to find content writing jobs online. The job board includes full-time, part-time, and freelance content writer jobs across different niches. 

On the Problogger jobs website, the job ads that are highlighted in blue, have been paid extra by the clients to stay on top of the list. So even if the ads get old, they still stay on top. Make sure you check out the subsequent pages to see the unpromoted ads as well. 

Just because a client has promoted a job post ad doesn’t mean it is a better job, it just means that they are in a hurry to fill up the position or want to get the attention of the maximum number of candidates.

Apart from content writing, Problogger also includes copywriting jobs.

2- BloggingPro 

Like Problogger, BloggingPro also features contract, full-time, and freelance writer jobs. Although you may not find as many jobs as Problogger here, it’s still worth checking out. 

Most job ads on BloggingPro, also feature the salary that you can expect if you get the job, which can be super helpful in filtering through low paid freelance writing jobs. You can easily find online writing jobs that pay $15-60 per hour. You can find jobs revolving around blogging, content writing, copywriting, and content marketing.

Note: The way to apply varies from job to job, so make sure to read through the whole job description.

3- FlexJobs

FlexJobs is one of the biggest directory for remote jobs and work from home jobs. To find freelance writing gigs on it, you would have to use its search option and then further filter through the search results. Since it focuses on remote gigs, you will find more full-time or contract opportunities than freelance jobs. But if you are keen on finding more international clients, this is a great board. 

Note: FlexJobs allows you to apply to 3 jobs for free, after which you need to buy a monthly subscription starting at $14.95


4- Content Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs is a website that features remote, freelance, full-time, and contract online writing jobs. These are especially curated, genuine, and hand-picked writing gigs from clients all over the world. You will find top brands like Mozilla and Shopify advertising their writing job vacancies here. While the website does list quite a few freelance writing jobs available, the majority of the job ads you come across will be for full-time remote positions.

The website is free to access, but you can pay $10 per month to get a daily email newsletter reminder for new job postings. 

5- Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ)

Freelance Writing Jobs website is a bit different from the others, in the sense that it does not let clients post directly on the website. Instead, it curates all the best online writing job opportunities from around the internet and post it daily for you. Basically it does all the research for you, so you don’t have to check half a dozen websites everyday. 

6- Solidgigs

Solidgigs is somewhat similar to Freelance Writing Jobs in the sense that it finds the best writing gigs from across the net and sends it directly to your inbox everyday. It promises to only send the best and high paid opportunities your way — but it charges a fee for their service. 

You are charged $2 for the first month trial and then $19 in the subsequent month. If you have hit a dead end and you can’t seem to find high paying clients, getting a one-month trial of Solidgigs (about ~INR 140) might just be a great quick investment to find freelance writing jobs from home.

7- Freelance Writers Den

Carol Tice is a successful freelance writer and I have personally learned a lot from her too. She has her own writing job forum called Freelance Writers Den with a paid membership of $25 per month. The membership comes with a job board that has a minimum threshold of $30 per hour or $50 per post. That means, all the jobs you find there will at least pay you this much. Apart from this, the monthly membership also includes over 300 hours of writer training and an active writing support forum where you can connect with other writers.

8- LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs isn’t just a good place to find full-time jobs, it can also help you find freelance jobs rather easily. While networking with people is a good place to start, you can check out the Job section and filter through the current job posting by searching for keywords like ‘content writer,’ ‘freelance writer,’ ‘remote writing jobs.’ You can also reach out to clients directly on LinkedIn with a proposal for your content writing services.

9- Upwork

Yes, Upwork is highly competitive and most of the clients there offer low-rate writing, but there are still 10% of jobs that pay you high rates. The idea is to find your niche on Upwork and then stick to it. As a technical writer, I am easily able to find jobs that pay $70-150 per hour for my writing services. Upwork is also the perfect place to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Currently, Upwork gives 60 connects to users every month to apply to jobs. You can use 1 connect each to apply to every job. Your connects get reimbursed if the client interviews you, even if you don’t land the job. Now, you can also boost your profile visibility by bidding with more connects. As in you can get to the top of the prospective list of candidates to increase your chances of getting the clients attention. (This is how the Connects are working at the time of writing this article. It may change as Upwork has a tendency to keep changing the way their Conencts work — for god knows why.

10- Behance Creative Jobs

Adobe’s Behance, which is usually used by visual artists and designers to showcase their work has also recently launched its own job forum where you can find all kinds of creative jobs — including writing. 

While there aren’t as many writing jobs on Behance as the other places listed here, this is definitely one of the ‘newer places’ to look for jobs and it has less competition as well.

Ready to find your next freelance writing job?

Get your work samples ready, put your best foot forward and start applying for freelance writing jobs. Have you tried any of these platforms? What was your experience with them?

Frequently Asked Questions

Freelance writing jobs hire freelance writers to take up one-off projects or continuous projects. The payment can either be on project-basis, hourly basis, or article-basis. 

You can start by honing your content writing skills and applying to online freelance writing jobs to become a content writer in India. Its also a good idea to setup a targeted LinkedIn profile and a portfolio with all of your work samples.

Start by deciding the niche for freelance writing that you want to get into. Create a portfolio with your work samples and then reach out to clients to offer your services as a freelance writer.

A blogger job is when you are responsible for writing, editing, and publishing blogs for a client as a freelance writer of a full-time content writer. 

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