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I write high ranking and high converting blog posts and landing pages for B2B SaaS brands
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I write long-form blogs for B2B SaaS brands


Are you on the lookout for SEO optimized and long-form B2B SaaS content ?

With over 7+ years of content writing experience, I write content for leading B2B SaaS brands that can rank high on search results and give you visible conversions.

Here’s an article I wrote for Kissflow that gained the top Featured Snippet spot (Position 0) on Google Search results in just less than two months of publishing.

But I don’t just get one keyword to rank and say it’s done. My exhaustive content research ensures that your content dominates the search results for the main keyword as well as other related keywords.

My SaaS content writing services include:


Long-form blogs

100% original and well-researched technical blogs that are guaranteed to drive organic traffic and increase conversions


Whitepapers & eBooks

Well-researched, formatted, and ready to be published whitepapers & eBooks to provide value to your target audience


Website Copy/ Landing Pages

High-converting and SEO-friendly website landing pages that can drive conversions and bump up your website in search engine rankings


In-depth technical guides

In-depth guides that build authority online and increase conversions


Manuals & Documentation

Thorough and engaging technical manuals & documentation that are designed to captivate your audience


End to end content strategy

Position your brand for digital success through tailored content strategies that align with your business goals

Why you should hire me as a freelance SaaS content writer to create blog posts and high-performing web copy?


Content Strategy

I find the best search engine ranking opportunities for your SaaS B2B brand, and then create a comprehensive content calendar to publish the right content at the right time for best results.


Content Creation

I write well-researched, highly curated, and targeted content that gets noticed by your prospective customers and influences their buying decisions.


Content Refresh

I breath life back into your underperforming or possibly dead content to reclaim your spot back in the top search engine rankings.

Why me?

I am the only freelance content writer who pops up on the first page results when you search for content writers in India. The reason? I devised a well-thought out content strategy for my website that gets me 90% of my new clients organically, and I can do the same for your business too. 

SaaS content marketing strategies for high organic traffic and long-term results

Your social media ad campaigns may bring traffic to your website landing pages for a short term, but all of that traffic and conversions disappear just as your paid advertising budget gets over.

To beat your competitors in the long game, you need a targeted content strategy. I can help you in:

Give my content writing services a try. You will find partnering with me fun and simple. I take my time to give clients my genuine advice about what’s working and what just isn’t. My content strategies ensure that the content I create helps you achieve the performance levels that you need.


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