30 Kickass Creative Writing Topics and Prompts

Writing is easy, but you know what’s really difficult? Coming up with creative writing topics and prompts.

Don’t pretend like you don’t face that problem. A lot of freelance writers just want to write, but they don’t know what to write about, and that is why you need this ultimate list of creative writing topics and prompts which I have created after a long research.

I personally feel that the best way for a freelance writer to hone his skills is by writing relentlessly every day. In fact, one of the reason why I am able to write on a daily basis is because I write for my own self on my blog.

If you too are a freelance content writer struggling to find your writing flow, I highly recommend taking up a new prompt everyday.

Here are some of my most favourite creative writing topics and prompts:


1.     9 x 9 x 9

Look at your bookshelf, pick out the 9th book, open its 9th page and read its 9th line. Now start a poem or a story that starts with this line and let your imagination go wild.

2.     The memorable train journey

Every freelance content writer has a story about their memorable train journey. Write yours down and share it.

3.     A dream you still remember

Do you have a dream that you still remember for some strange reason?

4.     What happens when you wake up one day and you can read everyone’s minds

You wake up one morning and there are voices inside your head, but they are not your voices. What happens next?

5.     A humorous piece about one of the most hated person in history

What happens when Hitler gets into a funny situation?

6.     A poem about your favorite piece of art

My favorite piece of art is The Starry Night, what’s yours?

7.     You go into Doctor Who’s Tardis, and you get displaced in time

If you could travel anywhere in time and space, where would you go? And most importantly, how will you get back?

8.     You wake up one day and your dog can talk

I have always wondered how great my life would be if my dog could talk. But is it really as great as we think.

9.     Eavesdrop on a conversation

Being a freelance writer in India, I cannot tell you how many times I have eavesdropped on a conversatio

11.  Phone call to God

If there was a call support for God, what would you ask him

12.  Close your eyes and pick a place on the globe

Pick a place where you have never been before and write about it.

13.  Stalk a stranger

Next time you are in the metro or a café, notice a stranger and write about his life, from your point of view.

14.  Magic potion

One day, in your garden, you find your magic potion. But what can it do?

15.  The one that got away

We all have that one person in our life who got away. Write about him/her

16.  Did you get a sign today?

As we navigate through life, we often notice things that look like a sign from god. Did you get one today?

17.  You and your zodiac sign

Do you have similar traits as your zodiac sign or completely opposite?

18.  Forgiving and forgetting

Discuss your views about forgiving and forgetting.

19.  Take dictionary’s help

Open a random page in a dictionary and pick out a word you have never heard before.

20.  Pick out an element from the periodic table

Choose an element from the periodic table and write a poem about it.

21.  When you find your doppelganger

What would you do if you met your doppelganger?

22.  There was a murder in your neighbourhood and only you can solve it

Sherlock Holmes meets Byomkesh Bakshi

23.  A letter to the 15-year old you

What would be the word of advice you would give to a younger version of yourself

24.  You have been shipwrecked

By the way, you don’t have to get shipwrecked alone. Would you be in a love story or become the Green Arrow?

25.  An unlucky penny

So, you pick up a penny on the street, but dun, dun, dun…it is an unlucky penny.

26.  You are an English teacher for Martians

Teaching English to aliens is funnier than you think.

27.  You can’t remember the last 5 years of your life

You wake up one morning only to realize your life has completely changed and you have skipped 5 years of your life

28.  If you were the protagonist of your favourite movie

What is your favourite movie?

29.  Find a phobia and write a story around it

What is it going to be – fear of heights or fear of the number 8?

30.  A letter that never made its way to the recipient

Have you ever written a letter but decided not to send it? Write about it.


These were just 30 of the best creative writing topics and prompts for freelance writers. If you are serious about creative writing, I highly recommend checking out these creative writing courses in India which you can do along with your job or college.

Let me know what you think about it. Also, do share some of your favourite creative writing topics and prompts.


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