9 Amazing Productivity Apps for every Freelance Writer

Productivity is very important for freelance writers, after all we don't know what might come our way. I am a freelance writer in India, and today I am sharing all my favourite productivity apps for writing

If you are a freelance writer who isn’t feeling as productive today – You are looking at the Microsoft Word screen and you just can’t figure out what to write, then this post is for you.

In this world of technology, a lot of things can be automated, and there is no reason for you to fall back just because you are not ‘feeling’ productive enough.

Here are 9 productivity apps for every freelance writer:



1.    Toggl

For full-time freelance writers, Toggl is truly god sent.


After all, we have to sit at home all day and that can often lead to procrastination. With Toggl, you can clearly see when and where you are spending your time, and what parts need to be fixed.

Toggl is a time tracking app, which can track all your tasks and generate reports according to it. So all you have to do is label your tasks on Toggl and start the timer.

The reports make it incredibly easy to see where you are spending a chunk of your time and how you can organize things better

2.    Coffitivity

I have been using Coffitivity since college, and it has still stuck by me.


Coffitivity is a white noise app, but instead of those other annoying white noise apps which have sounds of the ocean and the jungle, Coffitivity has sounds of offices and coffee houses.

These are better because sounds of waves and crickets will make you sleep, but when you plug in your headphones and feel like you are in an office-like environment, it makes you more productive.

3.    Google Docs

I am still a Microsoft Word fan at heart, but Google Docs is just so much better.

Two months ago, I was writing this really big 5,000 word article. Since my client wanted me to upload the entire document on Google Docs, I decided to write directly on Google Docs only.

And then something that had never happened before, happened – My dog pounced over my laptop and broke the screen.

Now, if I was working on Microsoft Word, I would have to write the entire thing again or wait for a week to get my laptop fixed.

But with Google Docs, all I had to do was switch on Google Docs on my backup laptop, and start the article right where I left off.

4.    Time Warp

How many times have you promised yourself that you would focus on writing but 10 minutes later you found yourself watching a cute cat video on Youtube?


Time Warp is a Google Chrome extension which first asks you to list all the distracting websites in your life, like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Netflix. 

Now, whenever you go on one of these websites for far too long, Time Warp redirects the page and takes you to a motivational web page instead.

5.    Asana

I have raved about Asana a lot of times before, and I use it every day to assign and manage tasks. If you too have a team, I definitely suggest giving Asana a chance.

It is free for 15 team members, so its perfect for small teams

6.    Trello

I talked about Trello in-depth in my last article and I am still loving it. For personal task management, there is really nothing better out there.

The only reason I don’t use Asana for personal tasks is because Asana doesn’t have an integrated view or labels.

7.    Evernote

Evernote is the ultimate note-sharing app, and I use it many times every day.

Since it is a cloud based app, everything gets uploaded to the server. So, whether you take a note from your phone or desktop, you can access it from anywhere you go.


Its label and sub-notebook system makes it very easy to organize work. But the main reason I use Evernote is its Web Clipper.

When I am researching and I find a really good article online, I don’t just save the link, I clip it with Evernote, so the entire article is saved as a Word file in my Evernote account.

Also, since this works offline too, I can just sync all the clipped articles to my Evernote desktop app and work even without the internet.

8.    Google Calendar

Two reasons why I use the Google Calendar – Email and Phone notifications.

You can never really miss a meeting with Google Calendar.

9.    Tiny Take

Tiny Take is a screenshot taking app with several options to add annotations to the images. This means that when I have to take a screenshot of a section of my screen, I just have to press Shift + prt sc, and its done.

Then in Tiny Take, I can quickly add boxes or arrows, wherever needed. Super easy and super quick.tiny-take



 Which productivity apps for freelance writers is your favourite?



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1 thought on “9 Amazing Productivity Apps for every Freelance Writer”

  1. I love Trello and Evernote myself. I also use Google Docs since a lot of the guest post accepting blogs ask that the guest posters share the blog post with them via Google Drive. This is a fantastic list for those who are just starting out so thank you from the bottom of our hearts over here!

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