How to make money on Fiverr – Beginner’s guide

In case you haven’t heard about Fiverr  – It is a great place for freelancers to market their talent for 5$

Okay,I agree that sounded a bit cheap and not helping. But the whole selling point of Fiverr is that it has people on it that agree to do things for 5$ and no that does not mean you will only get 5$ for whatever that you do.


Here are my tips to make great money on Fiverr –

1- Don’t hate the 5$ mark, appreciate it

See, because it is marketed as a cheaper place, buyers go there more to look for talent and the sellers (the freelancers) don’t do just about everything for 5$. The trick is to charge 5$ as the base rate and you can go as high as you want according to the requirements of the buyer.

For instance, I have a gig on Fiverr where I charge 5$ for a 300 word piece, if a client wants a longer piece, he has to pay higher. As the number of words go up, so does the time of delivery because I would obviously need more time if I have to write a 1000 word piece. Not only that, I charge extra for an express gig, that is, delivery in 48 hours. I get a lot of orders where the clients are in a hurry and so they order an express gig.

2- Create a genuine profile

Would you ever hire a writer whose screen name said bond007 and had a gun rifle as his display picture? Keep your profile genuine with your name and picture.

By the way my screen name is indianscrewup on fiverr. But hey, that is because of my blog.

There is also a provision to upload your own video to your gigs to help lure in the client while I haven’t tried that, I have seen that doing great for a lot of other gigs.

3- Offer something specific and not generalized

If you just go on and make a gig which everyone else is already doing then no one is going to hire you since they would already have better experienced people with credible rating.

Fiverr is unique because people offer unique things on it for cheap rates and you need to find your unique gig to profit from it. May be you love writing about travel, finance or fashion – whatever it is, figure it out.

That's just taking uniqueness to a whole different level
That’s just taking uniqueness to a whole different level

4- Maintain your Fiverr page

Don’t just create a gig and forget about it. Everything that you do is noted on there. Your response rate, your number of cancelled orders, your reviews –everything.

If you cannot be polite to your clients and deliver on time then don’t do it at all.

5- Make your fiverr gig look amazing

Firstly, use a custom cover picture for your gig and do not put a picture from Google. Because you are not the only smart guy who can search Google, a lot of people can and you certainly don’t want your gig to look exactly like the others.

Secondly, the gig description should be brilliant. You are a writer, if you cannot write the description for your own gig well then the client won’t ever order anything from you.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind –

  • Fiverr takes 20% commission off each gig

  • As far as I know you cannot directly link your bank account to Fiverr, you need a Paypal account

  • After you have delivered your order, you can only transfer that amount to your account after 15 days which is called the fund clearance period.

  • Minimum payout is $4

  • Along with the basic gigs, you can also have additional add ons to the gigs which the customers can buy like –express 1 day delivery, adding 1000 word to the article and so on.

  • Always urge happy clients to leave feedback

Let me know if you have anything else that you would want to know about Fiverr 🙂

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