Why Freelance Writer Agreement Makes You Stop Worrying


You should never work without a freelance writer agreement. And yet, most of the freelance writers I know, especially new freelance writers, never want to worry it.


Why Freelance Writer Agreement Makes you stop worrying


Have you had a client who refused to pay? Or a client who asked you for never ending revisions? Or a client who never makes payment on time?

I am sure you have had a few experiences like this and that is exactly why you need a freelance writer agreement to safeguard your payments and your time as well.

Here are a few reasons you most certainly should have freelance writer agreement

  1. Payment Protection

All the payment terms are mentioned in the agreement. These terms cannot be changed unless both the parties agree to do that. It means that a client cannot rip you off and try to pay less than what he agreed to pay.

  1. All the requirements are clearly stated

Every requirement stated by the client should be clearly mentioned in the agreement so that the client cannot go back on them. All the details about the type of content, its frequency and payment should be mentioned

  1. Specific deadlines with revision terms

Deadlines should be mentioned and most importantly, revision terms should be specified. How many revisions you will do, for how long after the content has been delivered and what kind of revisions will you do.

You might just allow one revision but if you don’t give a time period, a client could ask you for revisions several months after you did revisions. Trust me I have had that experience. A client asked me for revision after 4 months of delivery! If the client couldn’t find time to review the work in 4 months, then that’s definitely not my problem.

Also, the kind of revisions specify if you are open to major or minor revisions to the content.

  1. Non-payment scenarios are mentioned

Worse case scenarios should be mentioned. What happens when the payment is late? What happens if there is no payment at all? What happens when you miss a deadline?

A main clause in the agreement should be – If the client refuses to pay, all rights of the content will remain with you and the client will not be allowed to pay for it.

  1. It is good for the client as well

With a freelance writer agreement, client is guaranteed copyright free work right on deadline. And they only have to pay when full work is delivered


How to make and manage a freelance writer agreement


There are many agreement samples available online to give you some idea but it’s important to change them and modify them according to your requirements. Always keep a skeleton of this agreement with you and fill it up according to the client requirement whenever you have a new client. You can ask the client to sign it so that you can keep a copy of it.


Do you use freelance writer agreements? How has it changed the way you work ?


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