Website Content Writing – 9 Tips to Get it Right

Content Writing is absolutely different from normal writing and that’s what most freelance writers don’t understand. When it comes to website content, you need to be clear and crisp with absolutely no fancy stuff.

Content Writing Tips

 According to TIME, people between the age group of 18-24 have an attention span of 8 seconds, which is smaller than the attention span of a gold fish. In those eight seconds you have to write a compelling copy that makes people stay for longer.

Fortunately, to help you out, I have put together a list of tips for content writing that have always helped me out.

1.    Decide the angle of the article

Never be too over the place. You need to set an angle for the article and stick with it. Discussing a hundred points at once will only make the reader more confused. One angle, one point, discuss it the best way possible.

2.    Don’t search, instead research

If the client just wanted his content rewritten, he really wouldn’t hire you. Everybody searches for references online to get an idea but don’t take it as a sign to copy somebody else’s work. Research, jot down all the points and try to bring it out in your own way.

3.    Get impressive statistics

Numbers grab everybody’s attention. Take any good blog post that has been shared thousands of times and you will notice that it had impressive statistics in it.

4.    Have your own unique voice

I have had many writers come to me with this dilemma – I can’t find my own voice. For this, you need to let go of the fear of not being accepted. Everybody has a voice but most writers don’t want to bring it out because they are scared that no one else would agree with them. Well, who cares if they don’t agree with you? It’s your article and even you think it’s right, its right.

5.    Stick to the point

When you are half way through the article, look back at the heading and think “Is this really related to the topic I am writing about or am I just writing this because I need to reach the word limit?”
If you are indeed writing that for the word limit then stop right there and reanalyse. Cut the whole thing down and go back to your research to see what other relevant points you can add. If needed, start with the research process again.

6.    Depth of the article should depend on the length of it

If you are writing a 1000-1200 words article then it’s important to go into the depth of things and explain everything precisely but at the same time if you are writing a small 300 word piece, then you need to keep things short and simple.

7.    Write an irresistible heading

A good headline is what makes people click and share your post. No matter how compelling your content is, if you do not have a catchy headline, it’s never going to work. I will be doing a detailed post about how to get a headline right.

8.    Sentences should be short and easy to understand

This is not the place to win a writing award. This is also not the place to make people feel like they are reading your personal blog. Be direct and write simple sentences. Do the opposite of what your English teacher taught you. If you are using complicated words that make me want to revisit a dictionary, I am not going to be interested in what you have to say.

9.    Spend a good amount of time editing

I cannot stress this point enough. Once you are done writing, edit your content like there is no tomorrow. Keep editing until you are 100% sure there are absolutely no flaws in your content. There are so many talented writers I have crossed path with but most of them are new and they just don’t want to take the trouble editing, and that to me is just frustrating.

What is the content writing tip you live by?


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