5 Dynamite (And Free) Portfolio sites for Freelance Writers

Portfolio sites for Freelance writers

Do you still send every new clients links to all your articles separately? Or do you send doc/pdf files?

Then, it is time for you to switch to a web-based portfolio. These portfolios do not just make you look more professional but they also make it super easy for you to send direct links to your clients.

Another advantage of web-based portfolios is that people can discover you through Google Search.

While, creating a website could be an ideal solution, it can be expensive. That is why, I have put together some of the free alternatives for freelance writer portfolios.

[New to freelance writing and have no samples for portfolio? Stay tuned for the next post]


  1. Contently

Mainly a market place for freelance writers to connect with new clients, Contently also gives an option to create your own portfolio, for free.

The reason why it’s on the top of my list is because of how easy it is. There is absolutely no coding required, you get your own custom URL and the setup process hardly takes 10 minutes.


  1. Pressfolios

This tool takes a more graphic approach to portfolios, and it also lets you upload offline clips as well.

Though the free tool limits you to 12 clippings only, which I think is enough for starting out, but if you are looking for more you can buy their Lite version for $7.49 per month.


  1. Clippings.me

Though this was mainly developed for freelance journalists, it can be used by all the freelance writers. Clippings can either be linked or uploaded. This tool gives you more customization features to personalize and change the look of your portfolio.

The tool lets you add unlimited clippings for free. There is a premium version too which has some extra features like stats and downloadable resume.

  1. Journo Portfolio

Now this is a great choice for you if you had been looking to get your own domain but the WordPress and domain charges were proving to be a lot.

The tool lets you create a customized portfolio, you can choose any theme, upload or link your clippings, and arrange them in any order you want.

For the free version, you will get a URL like xxnamexx.journoportfolio.com. But if you are looking for your own domain, you can pay $3.50 per month to get a personal domain like yourname.com.


Expensive Alternative:


Creating your own website, with your own domain is always an option. You can buy domains on websites like GoDaddy and use WordPress backend.

There are many portfolio themes available on WordPress which can be used for this purpose. But again, this option will come at a price.


How do you you showcase your portfolio ?



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