4 Websites to Find Free Stock Photos Online

Photos are an essential component of every blog. They make the blog posts more engaging to the readers. And yet, most of the new freelance writers do not care where they are getting their pictures from. Most of the pictures online are copyrighted and technically you re not allowed to use them without the permission of the user. But people still do, without thinking about repercussions.

What can be the consequences of using copyrighted pictures?

If the user who owns those pictures find out, he can request you to pull them down or in worst cases report it to Google and file a DMCA shut down for your website.

And why shouldn’t they do it? You are essentially stealing their pictures. How would you feel if someone stole your content?

Before moving forward, there are a few permission terms that you should be familiar with


Royalty Free images

This means that though there will be no royalty charges or licence fee for images, you might be require to pay one-time free. But even with that, main copyright still lies with the user.

Labelled for reuse

These are the images you should go with if you are looking for photos that can be edited and you can add text to them.

Websites where you can find free stock photos


This is one of my favourite places to find free pictures because there are some really talented people on Flickr. In fact, if you are looking for travel pictures, this is the first place you should check.

How to find free pictures on Flickr

  • Search for anything you are looking for.
  • After the search is over, you will see a licence option on the top left


find free stock photos

WikiMedia Commons

Most of the pictures on this website are under Creative Commons, so make sure you attribute the user. Personally, I don’t really like the quality of pictures here, they are not as professional as you would want.

find stock free images


This is the website to search images on if you are looking for images for your website that can be modified and reused. In fact, most of the pictures I use on my website are taken right from PixaBay.

find free stock photos

Google Images

If you want to find free stock photos from all the websites together then search through Google Images.

find free stock photos

Editing Photos

I use Canva for editing pictures and its super easy to do that. You can actually create graphic designer style pictures with it and no I am not saying that because I am a writer on it 🙂


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4 thoughts on “4 Websites to Find Free Stock Photos Online”

  1. Unsplash -https://unsplash.com/ and Death of Stock -http://deathtothestockphoto.com/ these two are my go-to places for hunting hi resolution stock free photos.

  2. Hi Ritika

    Thanks for sharing awesome sites and tips to get free stock images for website or blog.

    Do check out my article on how to get free stock photos, i am sure you will like them and add them in your bookmark list. Have a great day.

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    Amit Verma

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