You Got Your First Freelance Writing Job, Now What?

You got your first freelance writing job now what


So finally, against all odds you landed up your first writing gig and you definitely do not want it to be your last. I have seen so many inexperienced writers eagerly waiting for their project, promising the client how amazing they will make the content look but completely fail to deliver.

Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind when you get your first freelance writing job

  1. Research. Research

Don’t ever, ever expect to write an article without researching it properly. Even if you think you know the topic more than anyone. Always, research thoroughly before starting on the project.

  1. Do not send saggy looking content

You know what it makes you look like when you send unaligned, unrevised content with different texts in different lines that you didn’t even bother to correct? Unprofessional.

Always go through the entire draft and make sure it’s good quality so that the client wouldn’t have to take out the extra time to make the text uniform.

  1. Don’t assume the client will babysit you

It’s good to ask questions and know what exactly the client is looking for when you are just starting on the project, but do not go on after the client and ask him questions every hour about what you should do.

Ask all your questions together and then do it on your own. Don’t keep on asking questions like – is this link a good reference or is the language okay. Send him one final draft when you are all done.

  1. Take care of the word limit

If the client has provided you with a word limit, it’s because of a reason. Stick to it, do not go too low or too high on it.

  1. Always give source links when you add pictures

I don’t understand why people don’t want to do this. You are copying pictures from somewhere else instead of posting originals, the least you can do is put their reference. The client cannot do that because you are the one putting pictures and so you are the one who needs to supply sources.

  1. Do not be a cry baby

Do not give your life stories to the client explaining where you couldn’t deliver on time or why the content is not up to the mark. Nobody is interested in that. Own up to your mistakes and let them know you will make up to it.

I had this very sweet client and I was writing a few articles for him, I was ill and I was almost a week late on the delivery though I had mailed him and let him know about the delay, I still felt terribly bad. So when I finally delivered, I told him I would like to write a few extra articles completely free of cost because of the inconvenience I had caused. The client got so happy by my gesture that he sent me a $50 bonus along with the original amount, and no he did not ask me to do anything extra for free.

  1. Deliver on time

Now, I haven’t always got a bonus for delivering late, in fact I try everything in my will to not deliver late. It’s your first order and your first client, you want to give them the best impression of you. Never ever be late.

  1. Don’t ask the client to renegotiate terms mid-way

So you took up the project all excited and didn’t even pay attention if you were getting your worth? Do not go back to the client to ask for more, it will only get him more irritated. Discuss the money matters well before you start on the project and only ask for more if the client asks you to do more work.

  1. Be ready for some criticism

Every client has a different requirement. You might have delivered an excellent article but the client may be looking for something completely different. Take all criticism in a healthy way and try to see what the client is exactly looking for.

That’s all for today folks !

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