Why are you still earning less through Freelance Writing?

So, you have been writing for a few months but all you have been able to earn is a small extra income which cannot even buy you a vacation. This is the point where you start thinking may be freelance writing doesn’t have that much money as you thought. May be, it can only be a part-time thing and nothing else?

Well you are wrong. As long as you are good at what you do, you will get people who are ready to work with you and pay you the right rates.

Here are some reasons why you are still earning less through Freelance Writing  

1.   You are not asking the correct price

Biggest mistake of all times! How can you expect to earn more when you are not asking for higher rates? May be you are just scared that nobody would really pay you those rates, but you wouldn’t know the answer to it unless you try. For more detailed information on what should you charge for freelance writing, check this.

2.   You are dealing with the wrong clients

Some clients just won’t shell out as much money as you would want. May be, they are giving you regular work but if it’s not worth the time and efforts you are putting in, it really makes no sense for you to hold on to them.

Increase your rates on periodic basis and alert your clients about that in advance, if they really like your work they would definitely pay you more.

3.   You are not taking this freelance writing thing seriously

You don’t really care about deadlines or client feedbacks. For you this is more about – I will write whatever I want, deliver it when I want and you have to pay me because I wrote something!

If you really think like that, then you will probably never earn or become successful. Take your work seriously and take your deadlines seriously. This free flowing attitude might get you some new clients but you would never be able to retain them.

4.   You are waiting for new clients to approach you

If you are waiting for a fairy godmother to swing her wand and deliver 50 new clients to you every month, then you probably won’t get any new clients, sweetheart. Freelancing is all about being proactive and approaching new clients, and may be getting rejected sometimes

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