Why Are You Still Afraid of Being a Freelance Writer?

If you like writing, I am pretty sure you have thought about being a freelance writer. But there are always some irrational fears in our head that pull us back. Even if we start out on this journey, we are too scared to give it all our heart because we don’t want to be left with our hopes crushed.

But, we won’t know where the road will take us until we actually try.

Here are some of the fears that you need to get rid of to become a successful freelance writer

Fear of rejection

Why are you still afraid of being a Freelance Writer?

This is a fear that haunts everyone. It still haunts me every day. But I have come to a point where I have realized that not everyone will like the kind of work I do. It’s just human nature. Some people will absolutely love what you write and some will absolutely hate it. You just need to accept the fact and move forward. And most importantly, you have to stay true to yourself.

Fear of not getting paid enough

Why are you still afraid of being a Freelance Writer?

Another big fear that haunts a lot of writers and it used to haunt me too. But then I made a rule- I would keep fixed rates and offer the same rates to all my clients. And the only reason I bring down my rates is when the work really interests me.

Fear of not getting good work

Why are you scared of being a freelance writer

So you are just scared that you would end up working for a content mill with absolutely no room for imagination? Now that depends. It depends on where you are trying to find a job and whether you accept a job like that.

I remember I had a client not that long ago who wanted me to write a 2000 word piece for 50 INR! I obviously told him there was no way I would do it, the price was so low I might as well do it for free and then he said “Okay, then do it as a favour to me”.

Firstly, I would do free work for my friends but I didn’t even know this guy. He sounded like he was sub-contracting the work and he was on a deadline. The important thing here is to not waste your time or energy on people like that. It’s easy to identify clients who can pay you the rates you want and the clients who don’t really care.

Fear of taking a leap of faith

Why are you still afraid of being a Freelance Writer?

Sometimes, we are just scared to take that next step forward. May be because the future looks foggy or may be because we are scared of being a failure. But again, how would we know what destiny has got planned for us until we try?

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