How to Use Social Media to Market Yourself as a Freelance Writer

I have went on and on about the importance of setting up a good social presence online, its specially more important if you are trying to focus on web content writing instead of print content. I know people always prefer print over web content because internet feels ‘fake’ to them but I find web content more my style. But whichever you prefer, building your profile online is supremely beneficial.

Here are some of my tips to increase your online presence and market yourself as a freelance writer:


  1. Listen

Analyse and see what people are talking about on social media, what is getting the most likes and retweets and how you can use it to your own advantage. Focus on the trends and topics which the people are interested in online and are related to your niche.

Hashtags are not just for fun, they make you searchable. Whenever you are putting out anything, make sure you are using the correct hashtags. And don’t make your own hashtags unless you are just trying to be funny.

  1. Build a brand, and a website

Use the same name, everywhere. Your website, your twitter handle, Facebook and even Instagram. This does not only makes it easier for people to find you but it creates a brand for you.

I would strongly suggest finding a good domain name first, might be good for SEO but its plain boring and you want something that people would be curious about.

  1. Use multiple channels

Don’t just stick to one social medium, expand your horizons. Don’t even leave snapchat behind. Okay, may be leave that out, but you should use as many social media platforms as possible.

  1. Learn the lingo

Using multiple social media platforms does not mean you can just act smart, sync them all and post the same content on each one of them. IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Every social media platform has a different lingo and you need to identify it. Twitter is for being sarcastically funny, Instagram is for posting pictures with multiple filters but claiming it to be #nofilter, and linkedin is for showing how passionate you are about your work.

Facebook? It is about sharing ’10 things that remind you of your childhood’ and other types of crap.





  1. Don’t be all about advertising

Don’t be that guy who just posts links about his work, his profile or asks people to like his facebook page. Be the guy who people want to follow because he sounds super funny and interesting.

And yes once in a while, do share links but be subtle at it.

  1. Do not always expect follow- for-follow

Don’t just religiously keep on retweeting and following people and expecting that they would do the same for you. The people who do that are actually not interested in you, they are just interested in that one extra follower to increase the number.

  1. Don’t get addicted to it

Social media can be very, very addicting. You have to use it to your advantage and not drown in it. Allocate a speicifc period of time for social media and do not overdo it.



And don’t forget..




Are you active on social media, which is your favourite ?




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