5 Helpful Tips to Become a Good Travel Writer

Becoming a travel writer is probably one of the most inspiring and challenging professions out there, but not an impossible one.

Travel is a passion, as much as writing is. When these two passions are combined, we know it’s bound to bring some great results. However, one has to be a traveller and a writer of intense manner to create something that potential travel buffs would read.

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So, here’s a few helpful pointers on how to become a travel writer

  1. Write and Write


It’s a writer’s job to write, which is fairly obvious in general circumstances. You can’t have a swarm of ideas in your head without penning them down and say that you’re a writer.

A zest to write as much as possible will lead you to generate as many ideas as possible. You could have seen all wonders of the world but a lack of writing experience will produce mediocre results.

A writer writes just as much as a traveller travels.

Most readers or potential employers look for a good writer who is familiar with the techniques of writing more than a travel buff.

2. Techniques Matter


Writing develops with attention to detail like everything else. There are certain aspects of a blog that a reader will appreciate only if you’ve made use of the right techniques.

Details like paragraph spacing, the use of right words, fewer adverbs and a concise yet meaningful writeup will gather more attention than anything else you do. Writing stems from the correct techniques that make it reader-friendly.

Nothing works better than a well-presented blog, and it won’t even matter that you’ve got fewer than usual words in your blog unless it brings out what people are looking for.


3. You Don’t Necessarily Have to Be a Traveller


As mentioned in the first point, a good writer will make a good travel writer. You might not have travelled the world or seen the nooks and crannies of this massive planet, but if you know how to pull the strings of a reader’s mind, you’ve got yourself a good deal.

The internet is a place full of wonders that will provide you information that you might not get even if you visit everything on God’s green earth. Be a writer rather than a backpacker with a mission and you’ll be conquering the online world. 

4. Put Your Heart into It


No writing can lure a potential traveller if it doesn’t make them feel like they’re travelling through the writing. It is important to make a reader picturise your writing instead of making it descriptive to the point that it becomes a boring read.

Writing with as much dedication as possible goes a long way in ensuring that a reader gets what they want. A travel writer needs to give the reader a virtual tour of the world just through words.

This is where attention to detail matters the most. The more you give yourself into it the easier it is for you to appeal to someone.

5. Read It Out


A writer must write as much as they read. People have blogged and ruled the internet for years now, so reading the stuff that is already present on travel writing helps you see how to gather the kind of attention required for it.

Every writer has to read to learn the ways in which a reader is given importance during writing. Travellers have travelled for as long as writers have been writing.

It only helps to ensure that you’ve captured everything that you possibly can before venturing into a writer’s persona. If you’ve already started writing, another tip that helps is to read what you’ve previously written.

This enables you to work on your flaws and keep in mind everything that was good about your writing. Reading thus provides an insight into a writer’s very mind.


There is too much potential in travel writing these days and you’d be surprised at how you can travel through your writing by only sitting on your desk at home or work. Just pull out your computer and get typing away.

This post has been contributed by Rohit Agarwal. If you too would like to share your thoughts about freelance writing, visit the Write for Us section and drop me an email.


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3 thoughts on “5 Helpful Tips to Become a Good Travel Writer”

  1. Hello, I like the post. Even, I’m a travelogue writer. Fortunately, I got one assignment from one of the clients about the places located near me. It was really nice and exciting to cover a ground report along with photos and writeups’. Although, there are certain word tools will b very useful while writing a travelogue because it helps the writer to focus on storyline and forget about punctuation and errors that often happens during writing long stories. And, travelogue is one of them. Nice post. Hoping to get another one soon from Rohit.

  2. Hi! Great points for starters. I think people also tend to look for local narratives. Though I haven’t dabbled in travel writing much, my focus has been to unearth local activities, which are usually away from the tourist maps. The last point on reading aloud made perfect sense. To me, that is indeed the key takeaway from this post

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