6 Simple Ways To Quickly Improve your Writing

Being a freelance writer, it is importanly to always keep improving your writing skills

Improve your writing – This is something you need to do every day, no matter how successful or experienced you get. 

We, freelance writers, focus so much on the writing part, that we completely forget about the editing and polishing part, when the latter is actually more important.

Anybody can pull off a first draft, anybody. But it takes an experienced writer to stick with the piece and edit it until its perfect.

But let’s be honest, sometimes, it can be difficult to give an article the time it deserves. So what should we do? Deliver a not-so-perfect content to the client?

Not at all.

Editing is not as difficult as it seems, you can implement these tips in less than 5 minutes and make your content absolutely perfect.

Here are some simple ways to quickly improve your writing


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  1. Scan through your article for repeating words

When we are writing, we are in our own moment, which means we can repeat a word more times than we might want. So scan the entire article, and see which words are being repeated unnecessarily. Tap on CTRL + F to find the exact number of times that word is repeating.

If its repeating more than twice, you need to switch it with other words.


2. Delete ‘very’, ‘just’ or ‘really’

These are filler words and they have absolutely no use to your article. All they are doing is confusing the reader and letting him know that you don’t have a bigger vocab to explain your thoughts.

Instead of ‘very’, you could use words like – extremely, evidently, or notably.



3. Delete excessive ‘the’

Even I have seen myself doing the same mistake – using redundant ‘the’ where its not even needed. For finding the redundant ones, you might have to sweep through the article more than once. Here is a very detailed article about using ‘the’, and here is another article about when not to use ‘the’.


4. Are you using ‘You’, ‘I’, or ‘We’?

The way you address your reader should be uniform throughout. Even if you are switching from ‘you’ to ‘we’, it shouldn’t be in the middle of a paragraph. The safe option would be to choose one voice, and stick to it for the whole article.

5. Get rid of ‘that’

Most of ‘that’ you use in an article are redundant. The best way to know would be to delete ‘that’ and read your sentence again. If the sentence still makes sense, your ‘that’ is redundant.

6. Check your commas

Are you someone who puts excessive commas, or are you someone who rarely uses commas?

In any case, commas are important, and you need to use them, but only at the right places.

For instanceLet’s eat Grandma 

or –      Let’s eat, Grandma 

Now your Grandma wouldn’t want you to misuse commas, would she?

Here is a great infographic for using commas the right way.

Okay, you have just been armed with some of the best tips to improve your writing, and now its your turn to implement them.


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