Proofreading: Everything You Need To Know

Freelance writers can take up proofreading gigs to earn extra cash

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Have you ever stumbled upon a post where you had to read twice before you could understand what the writer wanted to say?

Maybe a comma was missing which made the sentence lose its meaning.

Needless to say, unnecessary mistakes in content are annoying and I am sure none of you would like to be that kind of a writer.

This is where proofreading comes into play.

Proofreading is examining your text for any kind of grammatical or typographical error. It is the last step before publishing your document or submitting your article.

Why is it Important?


For most of us blogging is a passion.

We work hard to add fuel to it and want to put forward something that we are proud of. It is a very laborious task to mould our ideas into a super article which appeals to everyone who reads it.

But imagine buying an outfit which has super color, amazing cut and fitting and yet the stitching is very scruffy; there are threads peeking out.

Will you go for such an outfit? Nah!! No one would.

You may glance at it, but you’ll be put off by the shabbiness. This is exactly what happens when you write a post. While you might spend a lot of time and effort deciding the topic and researching, but small things like silly spelling and grammatical errors may spoil the fun for your readers. Remember, these are the stitches that hold your post together.

Proofreading Tools

After you’ve understood how important it is to proofread, your next question should be – How to do it?

I mean we all read before submitting our documents but still the errors persist. What are we poor souls to do???


To make your work easy-peasy, there are many online proofreaders available for free. All you need is -paste your text and it will check errors and highlight it.


A few of the amazing sites available online are:



I find Grammarly one of the best tools to use when you are writing online. Install it in your browser and then forget about errors. This tool will be your sentry.

[ Read – Grammarly Review – Is it Worth the Hype]


If you just require checking simple errors, I suggest you go for this one. It is remarkably efficient and elementary which keeps your writing error free.

Slick write


If you want more than a spellchecker then you can go for this tool. It not only does the basic work, but also gives you suggestions on how you could improve your writing.

A list of better words is provided which can seriously boost your post. Just copy and paste your write-up and relax.

Paper rater


This is one of my favorite tools which I use every once in a while to improvise my language skills. It is like submitting your paper to your professor who will give you tons of suggestions and rate your post.

It is not a very exuberant feeling to see your paper marked in red, but hey, that’s how you learn. In addition, it also looks out for plagiarism, which is an extra advantage.

These are the few sites which are extremely beneficial. Use them and you’ll notice the difference.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them


Proofreading is often tiresome and thus we all tend to make some faux pas. Let’s see what they are:

  • Checking the draft immediately after writing is one common mistakes that we all make. Since we are familiar with the text, our mind only processes what we think we have written.

Looking at the document the next day helps you look at it with fresh eyes which have better ability to catch an error.

  • Working in midst of distractions is another thing that must be avoided. It hampers your work to a great extent.
  • Doing a perfunctory check. In my opinion everyone is infected by this bug. Proofreading just for the sake of it yields no result. So if you don’t feel like doing it, leave it and come back later.
  • Forgetting to examine the headings. I always do this. I am so busy scanning the content that I skip the titles and headlines. To avoid it, make a point to go through them first and afterwards analyze the content.

Final Checklist

I know you are like, “What!! There is more???

Don’t worry its nothing much. Actually the truth is even after using all the above tools there are some mistakes which do not get caught. So, follow the following commandments prior to finalizing your document:

  • Thou shalt not rely entirely on spellchecker and other tools: There are a few mistakes that are not caught by the above mentioned tools and hence you need to do a manual checking too.

  • Thou shalt read your article loudly: Believe me it helps. Unconsciously you may skip through some errors, but reading it out loud, minimizes the chance of overlooking.

  • Thou shalt not IGNORE: Many times we are not sure about a word, still we use it and what’s worse if the word is spelt correctly, it will not come under the scanner of your precious proofreader. So if you are not sure about something check it before you put it.

This is all. I told you it wasn’t much, but it certainly helps to write better.


Make moolah by Proofreading



Yes I did!!!

Now I did not make you go through all these excruciating exercises for nothing. If you become a pro at it, you can actually earn a handsome income by doing some freelance proofreading.

Freelancing can be challenging at the beginning, but after you have made a niche you are good to go. Following are a few ideas to earn by proofreading:

  • If you think that you are a good proofreader; make an account on Upwork ( It is a tried and tested freelance platform which will definitely get you some solid work.

  • You can also look into various job-boards and surprise yourself with various proofreading jobs available.

  • If you are keen in freelancing, have a look at sites like Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru. These are freelancing platforms which have a wide assortment of jobs.

The process to get freelance work is more or less same for every platform. You need to make an attractive profile and work hard to get your first gig. With a few satisfied clients your way forward is paved clean. Sounds good? You bet it does!!

In the end it’s all about good writing. Isn’t it? I hope my post will be helpful for you to achieve the same. If it does, drop a comment.

Till next time, keep writing, and keep improving.


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8 thoughts on “Proofreading: Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Thanks Anupama for this one and the various sites. Love the word about the scruffiness on a new dress and how true for writing. I will also check the websites you’ve mentioned. An informative article on crisp writing.

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  3. First time visitor of your blog and found very interesting new topics on freelancing, Most of the people now choosing the home based jobs or business. Thanks to internet gave so much opportunities.. well ! come to this post i know how importance the proofreading tools really helps us not only it corrects the grammar & typo mistakes. it saves lots of time and improves the writing skills. its useful for students, employees, writers & bloggers .. My fav. proofreading tool is grammarly and i always take help this tool to my blog posts. Thanks Anupam ! for sharing a useful post..

  4. Grammarly is awesome! Personally, I also like Hemingway Editor and Ginger Software.
    Will definitely try more tools from your list.

  5. Hi Anupam, I am an ex-Marketing Communication professional. I am starting my journey into content writing, editing and proofreading. I am curious about how anybody ascertains that their content is 100% error-free? I know I am a good proofreader but I’m sure there must be a few mistakes which could easily be missed. For example, taking the example of this article. Refer the heading ‘Final Checklist’>2nd line> It should be: Don’t worry it’s nothing much. (I hope you don’t mind). As I was saying, what if something goes unnoticed by a proofreader?

  6. Snigdha Phatak

    I started content writing almost a year ago. Now that I’m finally finding individual clients, your blog has helped quite a lot. I’ve yet to find another website, blog or book that gives honest answers and insights into the life of a freelance writer. Yours is quite simply the best. Thank you for the detailed explanations and resources you’ve added in your posts. I am still in the process of creating a website to display my portfolio and your posts have heled a lot.

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