Pitchfest – Win INR 2500 for Your Next Guest Post (Closed)

I have been toying around this idea for a long time, and the more I thought, the more anticipated I got.

I do believe writers should get paid what they deserve, but because this website does not make much money yet, I couldn’t offer much to other writers for guest posts.

When I just started out, I was frantically looking for websites that paid well for guest posts, but none of them were open to pay a newbie.

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Pitchfest June 2016

1- You need to pitch your ideas for a blog post, right here in the comments section. By pitch, I mean a basic outline about the article.

It should be related to writing in general or freelance writing (what we usually cover on the website). You could also write about productivity tips or bad habits for freelance writers. There is no wrong answer, don’t be shy, I am always here to help you out.

2- Once I approve your pitch, you can get to writing. For all the guidelines, read our Write for Us section. Posts that do not follow the guidelines mentioned will be rejected. (The finished drafts need to be at least 800-1000 words)

3- After finishing up, mail me the final draft to ritika(at)writefreelance(dot)in. The article should be attached as a doc file, and not copy/pasted

4- I might ask you to edit the article or if the final draft is not as good as expected, it might be rejected (in very rare cases).


Blog posts will be accepted till 20th July 2016.

There will be 3 top blog posts accepted for publishing on the website.

  • First winner will be announced on 6th July 

Winner – Nitya

Winning Pitch – 6 Unconventional Ways to find Freelance Writing Jobs

  • Second winner on 13th July

Winner – Anupam

Winning Pitch – Proofreading : Everything you Need to Know

  • Third winner on 21st July

So the sooner you get your pitch approved, the better. Also, if you have any questions, please put down in the comments 

Ready? Start pitching!

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75 thoughts on “Pitchfest – Win INR 2500 for Your Next Guest Post (Closed)”

  1. Hi Ritika!

    I found your site the other day and I thought your idea is just awesome! 😀

    Now, to the point…the basic outline of my post:

    >>>Err….freelance writing??
    > A little intro to Freelance Writing-Something your parents won’t be happy with…actually, no one will be happy with…so should you go for it?
    > Where do you START? Well, what do you like the most? Do you know something about something which someone doesn’t know about? Information pays (only if you let it out) and what better way to do it other than writing about it?
    > How to find the right magazine/site to write to? Google is always going to be your friend
    > Adopt your own writing style-nobody writes like a bestselling author but no good author puts people to sleep with their writing either
    > Make the grey cells work-Out with it!
    > Proofread, proofread, proofread!!
    > Send the draft in
    >Get approval, get published, get paid

    Warm Regards

    1. Hi Sonali

      Thanks a lot for pitching 😀

      I am so excited about this !

      Though the outline seems very generalised, which most writers already know. You have actually listed some great ideas, so why not pick one of them?

      For instance, each of these topics below could be individual topics:

      – Financial struggles with freelance writing
      – How to find the right magazine website
      – How to find your writing style
      – How to proofread correctly

      Looking forward to more pitches from your end 🙂

      1. Yeah, I could be more specific on that. I choose ‘How to find your own writing style’!

        > Read books by various authors and find out which writing style struck you the most

        > What kind of reading appealed to you? Maybe that kind of writing will also appeal to others?

        > The basic ingredients to writing something: A little fact, a little fiction (more like creativity) and a lump of humour here and there makes for popular reading

        > What else can you do add to that that makes it ‘yours’?

        > Get feedback and fix the broken ends

  2. My basic outline….
    What writing means to me and how I get into writing. Why I haven’t pursued it for a while and why I decided to give it an another shot now. A journey of me and my emotions I try to capture in my writings.

  3. Hey Ritika I would love to do an article on proofreading. It being an important tool for any type of writing, I think it will be helpful for a large genre of writers.
    My article will be include:
    Introduction to proofreading
    Why it is important
    Different sites which are helpful
    Common mistakes and how to avoid them
    A checklist
    How can one actually make money by proofreading
    This is the basic outline. The article will evolve when I start working on it.
    What do you think?? Is it a good idea??

          1. You would first have to write a pitch, only the selected winners have to write the entire post..

  4. Hey retika its seems good … A place where you can write …it does not matter how much you can earn .. Matter is that how much your work can be recognize i dont know will get that place or not but i’ll write here my article ..

  5. Hi Ritika,

    I absolutely love your blog, its given me an idea on how I should go about freelance writing. I have two ideas in mind:
    1. How to get writing gigs without looking at bidding sites (I could highlight my example here)
    2. How to find your niche as a freelance writer?

    Do let me know your thoughts on this? I have personally experienced both these issues when I first started so I would like to help out on the same.

    Nitya Pydipati

      1. Headline: Tired of bidding? Alternate methods to snag freelance gigs!

        I would open off with my experiece wherein I initially joined bidding sites and hwo hard it was to get my first client. How I interacted with many freelancers and read a lot of blogs and discovered alternate ways.

        Then I would list off alternate methods including sending out cold mails, using social media, job boards, etc to help fellow freelancers identify a way of utilizing the time they spend on bidding to actually getting gigs.

        I would conclude by also stating that contributing and increasing your portifolio is a great way to show that you’re a professsional in the start and hardwork does pay off.

        Do let me know your thoughts. This is just a rough idea as to how the blog post would turn out.

  6. Hi Ritika,

    Here is the title of what I am thinking to write on, “Find Freelance Writing Opportunities Using these Google Search Techniques”. What do you think about this?

      1. Here are the topics I will cover point wise,

        Using the search term:

        1) General Search
        websites that pay writers

        2) Use Wildcards to list down all magazines that pay writers

        *magazines that pay writers

        3) Find Related websites

        4) Search in specific websites for writing opportunities

        site:http://writefreelance.in/ “write for us”

        5) Search for files regarding writing opportunities mentioned in websites

        filetype:pdf writing opportunities

        (This lists down results containing PDF Files uploaded in various websites specifying writing opportunities)

        6) Search for “write for us” in URL as sometimes just title may not have this and is not seen in search results. so using inURL helps us.

        inURL: “write for us”

        7) search for “write for us” only and no other text in URL

        allinurl:”write for us”

        8) Search for “write for us” in title
        intitle: “write for us”

          1. Hi Sridhar, only the winners will be asked to write full article to save everyone time 🙂

  7. Hey Ritika,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Here i have come with therse 4 different titles / ideas:

    1. How to use Social media to speed up / rocket up your freelance writing career ?

    2. How to create content when you are running out of ideas ?

    3. Basics of reader’s physiology and how to play with it.

    4. Must have tools to create magnetic content within short period of time.

    Do let me know your thoughts on these ?

    Raj Tolani

  8. Hi Ritika,

    I am thinking of writing on- when one hits the writer’s block! Why it happens, and how to go abt it and start again.
    Pls revert if it sounds good to proceed.

    1. Hi Rashi

      We already have an article about Writer’s Block, may be think of some other topic from a personal perspective? 🙂

      You can use the Search tab above to see if that topic has been covered

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  10. Hi Ritika,
    Glad to know about this writing opportunity and I would love to contribute to this.
    I just want to write down an article on “Benefits of writing” highlighting the points from scientific researches.

    -How can writing affect different health aspects of an individual??

    Psychological Aspect
    Emotional Health
    Physical Health

    Please let me know whether you have liked my idea or not.


    1. Hi Sweta

      We are looking for topics that can help freelance writers build a career, this topic wouldn’t really help. May be you could go through the posts I do? 🙂

      1. I have written an article on “6 Gateways to a worth reading article”
        the aim of writing this article is to reveal the tips for writers to come up with an interesting article.

        In this I have tried to cover the sub points on idea, make an overview, catchy title, research on the topic, target audience etc.

      2. Here is the pitch

        6 Gateways to a worth reading article

        – Introduction- The reasons behind failure of people in writing an effective article

        – Content: Here I have enlisted some ways to make your article worth reading for readers.

        -I will elaborate each of the mentioned points and provide some examples in support of my points.

        1. Research on topic
        2. Make an overview
        3. Catchy title
        4. Target Audience
        5. Presentation Skill
        6. Style of writing

        -Conclusion – I would conclude this article with a quotation and share my opinion.

  11. Hi Ritika,
    Following are few topics running in my mind,
    1)What readers want to read from a blog- from the prospective of a reader
    2)Benefits of freelance writing
    3)Presentation of an article including the way of writing,catchy title, associated pictures,fonts and other factors

  12. Hi Ritika,

    Here is an article idea I would like to pitch.

    – 5 Writing Exercise To Flex Your Creative Muscles And Improve The Quality Of Your Work

    In this article I will write about the different exercises and techniques I use, as a writer, to develop and enhance the quality of my writing every day. Some of these are 5 minute exercises, while some are more detailed and require a longer commitment, but all in all, they are designed to challenge the writers and improve the output of their words.

  13. Hey Ritika,
    I just read about this… the idea for article is when you are out of ideas to write just observe your close ones behaviour and listen to their perspective of life ….

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  15. Hi Ritika! You have done a great job here. Creating a space for writing which is an awsome technique of motivation to amateurs or aspiring writers. Let me give a brief description of the article that is going to be written. “When and what made me realise that writing is my passion and how did I start a blog? Also, The ecstasy we feel when sharing our thoughts through writing. Tips for fictional story writing.For eg. The way you transform fictional characters into real ones inside your head and make it feel real tp readers etc etc.

  16. Pitch
    Title: Through a reader’s lens
    An article from the perspective of a reader
    1)What a reader wants to read?
    • Varieties of topics
    • Ingredients of attracting readers: catchy title, associated photographs, simple language, proper narration, use of appropriate puctuation
    2) Role of reading in writing
    “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.
    Simple as that.” – Stephen King
    • It gives ideas
    • Development of vocabulary
    • Development of writing skills
    • Broadening of thought process
    3) Blogging: A Revolution in writing
    • An easy way of self publishing
    • Regular habit of writing
    • Design of blog
    • Writing articles
    • Proper segmentation
    • Options for comments and feedback
    4)Conclusion- Every journey of writing stems up from the experience of reading

  17. Hi Ritika,
    You are doing a great work…!
    Here are some topics I think you might find them interesting and suitable for pitchfest.

    1. The Key to Find your First Gig
    2. Client Nature: Different types of Clients and how to impress them
    3. Is it beneficial to write for free to gain experience?
    4. 10 Simple Ways to Find Article Ideas
    5. Want to earn more from freelancing? Then improve your vocabulary

      1. The Key to Find your First Gig

        One of the scariest things when you think of freelancing is finding the right way to earn. This is one reason why most people think freelancing is difficult as many of them land up to frauds or cannot find a platform or client who will pay them decently.
        Few ways to start your freelancing journey
        Job Portals – Update your profile on all available job portals, create a writers resume that looks different from others. Your resume is the best way to portray your writing skills.
        Google Search – Use Google wisely, this will help you a lot. Write relevant search terms to find out writing jobs.
        Contact Sites Directly, Cold Pitches, SignUp for Platforms like Upwork, By means of Social Media- join freelancers’ groups, Market yourself – publish your writing on Linkedin.

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  20. Hi,
    I will love to write an article of Freelance Academic Writing.. The contents of the topic will be:
    Introduction to Freelance Academic Writing/ Academic Writing As a Freelance Job from Home
    How does it work
    How do you apply for online academic writing jobs
    What are the usual writing formats
    Things to Keep in Mind
    How to become an improved academic writer
    Hope you will like it…. Thanks for your lovely initiative….

  21. Hi. I would like to write on a topic ‘ why I write’ – sort of a personal story. It might inspire others to take up writing. But I would highlight it would be more a personal story.

  22. I would like to write on the prospects of blogging as a serious art, just may be short stories or poems. How it needs to get organized and perked up to be taken notice of.

    1. Hi VT Rakesh

      Can you give a proper outline for that? Do you wish to cover how poets or short story writers can get more exposure through blogging? Also, it needs to have a sparkling heading 🙂

  23. I would like to write about the creative and free writing that everyone should take up even though one is not a writer. Writing helps in sorting out many details on a daily basis.

  24. Hello-Hello.

    TITLE- Freelance Writing might not be for you (…and that’s OKAY!)

    [ Admittedly, given this blog, at large, covers freelancing– to guide and motivate, particularly the beginners— my topic might sound a bit of odd and uninspiring.

    So why pitch it? Two reasons for that; because-

    #1 I am pretty awesome (duh!)

    #2 let’s admit it, freelance writing is not for everyone (not for me, I know). Even you, Ritika, know this; you had your own share of troubles at the beginning and would have failed if it wasn’t for your persistence- a quality, must for every freelancer.

    Understanding this fact at an early point and steering professional direction accordingly can save people time, than to try freelance writing anyway and fail and try again and get something much less in return than what they truly deserve. ]

    – A small intro
    – Why some people really opt for freelancing as their profession (some fits and myths)
    – But shouldn’t because the reality is…
    – It is much more than just about writing
    – Have you got these qualities? (If no…)
    – Don’t be disappointed- you’re a writer nonetheless
    – Some interesting (and just as appealing) alternatives to Freelance writing
    – An affirmative closure

    Phew… Sounds good?

  25. Hi Ritika,
    Thank you for the opportunity…I am just a newbie here so I can think of only one thing here…a how-to guide to become a freelance writer…the post would be about what goes through the mind of a writer when he switches to professional freelance writing. what exactly does he goes through and what he needs to take care about. basically a step wise transition showcasing the journey. I hope I can make it interesting. What do you think?

  26. Hey Ritika, I have an article about writing the perfect pitch in mind 🙂
    It would include do and don’ts for when you are preparing a pitch for potential buyers, information on what buyers are looking for, how to tailor pitches for different types of buyers, and such. Let me know if this sounds interesting.

    1. Hi Priyanka

      So happy to see you here !!!

      Why you no come on IndianScrewUp anymore? 😀

      And the pitch sounds awesome! Can you also come up with a sparkling heading for the same?

  27. Hi Ritika,
    I want to write my personal story on why i took up freelancing as a profession and how it helped me with life.
    I have a severe stutter since birth and it was only freelancing that helped me earn a living without difficulty. It may inspire people who have a similar problem like me.

  28. When I chased happiness, I found emptiness!!!!

    I would like to write an article for addressing one of the major reasons behind a perpetual void that persists in lives of today’s generation despite having all the material pleasures. It’s like people have everything they wished for yet they are sad. Why there is no sense of fulfilment ? Why the youth of today is more vulnerable to depression and How can one be really happy ?

    I feel this is an imperative issue to be addressed and can make people think about the essence of life and what is actually worth running after. A small change can turn around the lives of many.

    If you find my pitch intriguing, kindly let me know.

    1. Hi Nikhil

      While the pitch sounds great, we are looking for a topic that is closely connected to what we usually cover on Write Freelance. Please go through the already published posts, to get an idea.

  29. Hi Ritika,

    Is the contest still on? If so, I would like to write an article on the most common myths about freelancing;( e.g, joy of being your own boss, freedom it offers, working out of home), the difficulties faced and how to work around the problems.

  30. It is really sad that I missed the pitchfest contest. Hopefully Ritika will be coming up with some other contests soon so that I can contribute. BTW, cannot wait!

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