7 New Year Goals for Freelance Writers
By Ritika Tiwari / January 7, 2019 / Comments: 1

For freelance writers, a new year means a new chance to take your freelancing career to new heights. But just hoping for the best is not enough — You have to jot down specific goals that you want to achieve by the end of the year.

Notice how I mentioned ‘new year goals’ and not resolutions? That’s because resolutions are never too specific.

To help you out, I have put together the top new years freelance writers can take up this year

1- Increase your value as a freelance writer

While the most common goal of freelance writers is to increase their pricing, I recommend you to increase your value as a writer first and then increase your rates.

After all, why should a client pay you more when you are going to deliver the exact same quality of content? It doesn’t fiscally make sense for them.

Gather all the criticism you received from the previous year to find your shortcomings. 2019 should be the year when you learn from your mistakes and become a better writer. Whether you have trouble implementing a content strategy, or proofreading content, you should focus on them one by one.

Instead of telling yourself ‘I don’t think I could write an article like that,’ remind yourself that it never hurt anyone to try. Without trying, you’ll never know your potential.


2- Create a marketing plan to advertise your skills

If you have just been hoping for new projects to land in your lap without marketing your skills, then you will never be able to get a continuous stream of work that you want.

In 2019, create an online identity for yourself so that prospective clients can get a glimpse into your skills. You can start by creating your own online portfolio or launching a complete website of your own.

You can also create dedicated social media profiles to showcase and share your writing.


3- Reach out to old clients

There is no better time to reach out to old clients than the start of the year. Send a little ‘Happy New Year’ greeting along with a short message:


Hi [Name]

Happy New Years!

I was wondering if there is any content work I could take up this month or in the coming months.

Last year, I was published in [Website Name — Link] and I also worked with [Company Name]

Looking forward to a positive response


4- Stop writing stuff that you hate

You probably got into freelance writing because you love writing, then why would you take up a project that requires for you to write stuff which you actually hate?

Nobody gets into writing for money, because it’s not such a lucrative business. So, why not write something that makes you sleep better at the end of the day?

For instance, last year, I refused to work with a tobacco company because of my own personal principles, even though they were willing to pay me a lot. I have absolutely no regrets about that decision and I would probably do the same thing again, even if I was struggling to pay my rent.


5- Organise your work

I missed a lot of deadlines in 2018, and I am sure you did too. I am not saying that you can meet 100% of your deadlines in 2019, because that would be practically impossible, but you should at least try to meet as many deadlines as you can by getting your work organised.

Start by using a project management tool like Trello or Asana to keep track of all your projects. You can also use time management tools and calendars to make sure you are on top of every deadline and you have enough time to finish every project.

Remember, finishing your work on time and organising everything also means you are able to send invoices and get paid faster.


6- Consider freelance writing as a business

This is one advice that I would give to every new freelance content writer — Consider freelancing as a business and not as a hobby.

If you consider this as a hobby, then it will always stay as your hobby. On the other hand, by treating it as a business, you are able to get long term benefits from freelancing.


7- Apply for those jobs that you are too scared to get rejected from

Now this is my new year goal and I specifically wanted to add it here as well. You know those big publications and magazines where we really want to get published but we never even email the editors with pitches because we are too scared to get rejected?

Well, just send that email anyway because the worse that can happen is rejection and you are already prepared for that. This year, I intend to get at least 50 rejections because if even one of them gets accepted, it would mean the world to me.

What is your new year goal for 2019?



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