How to make your first $100 as a freelance writer in India

Wondering how much you can make as a freelance writer in India? Here is the only guide you will ever need


Being a freelance writer in India is tough. Firstly, because clients are still opening up to the idea of hiring someone as a freelancer instead of getting an in-house writer. And secondly, because it’s difficult to find your own ground when you are new to all this.

So, in this post, I am going to discuss all the right steps you should take to jumpstart your career as a freelance writer in India

Wondering how much you can make as a freelance writer in India? Here is the only guide you will ever need


1.    Get your own website

Yes, that is an investment, and you would have to put down money for it, but investing money in your website proves that you are serious about this, and your clients will take notice of that.

Getting your own domain would cost you around $5-7 per year, which really isn’t much. Use this website to write a sparkling cover letter.

2.    Be more proactive

Sitting around staring at the computer screen will get you nowhere. I can understand how fear of rejection can hold you back but trying never hurt anyone.

Make it a mission to at least contact five new clients every day. You might get a rejection, but you might just get a new client.

3.    Never say ‘no’ to challenges

When you are just starting out, you are still trying to figure out what kind of writer you want to be. And that is why you should take all the different kind of projects you can get. It’s important to not put yourself in a box. Don’t say ‘no’ to a challenge unless you are completely sure you would fail.

4.    Always keep the quality excellent

No matter how less you are getting paid, if you have taken up the project, it’s your responsibility to make sure the quality is excellent. It might just be a single article project, but you never know what it could turn into.

I have done many single-article projects with clients that turned into long-term projects. Also, clients remember you when you do good work. This way whenever they have content requirements in the future, they would definitely contact you.

5.    Understand requirements clearly

Don’t go writing until and unless you have understood the exact requirements. Research and research well. You are a writer, and you are supposed to write your own take on the content, not rewrite it from a single source. So understand the topic completely, skim through research and then get down to create an outline.


Some writers get paid $50-100 per month and then there are writers that get paid $50-100 per hour. The difference lies in their dedication and their quality of work. Now, you have to decide what kind of writer you want to be.

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