How to make a living writing in 6 simple steps


This blog has been created to help lonely souls who love writing and want to make it their living. When I started out, I read quite a few blogs online, mostly by writers who claimed to earn big bucks by writing but none of them actually gave me advice on how to start when you are a complete newbie. There are many unspoken rules in this freelance writing business and especially freelance writing in India which seemed a little difficult to break in at start.

But I as grew, I learnt and with every client that I lost, I learnt even more. I just wish I had someone to guide me along through this process. Well, I didn’t have anybody but you will definitely have me.

My advice won’t probably make you the best writer in the world, but I can definitely help you start earning through writing.



Here are some of the tips you should definitely keep in mind before you start on your venture to become a full-fledged freelance writer –

  1. Create some samples and your own blog doesn’t count

The first thing any client asks are your samples from your previous work, especially when you seem like a newbie. Never give your blog link as a ‘sample’, you need to create some samples in advance. You could write small 300 word articles about varied topics like travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Basically light on the head topics that can let the client know you are good at your job. Atleast keep 3-4 samples ready before reaching out to the client.

One thing I would like to mention here is, never over burden the client with your samples, only sent 1-2 relevant samples and hope that they like it

  1. Re-read. Edit. Read Again.

This is one of the major mistakes that new writers make, even I did this. I used to get so happy and satisfied when I finished a piece that I never bothered to proof read the text.

Spend the same amount of time proof reading, as you do in writing that content. It’s not just about providing content, it’s about providing good content.

  1. Write a sparkling brief about yourself

When you are new to freelancing and you are trying to make an impression, your proposal matters more than ever. I have seen people write the most atrociously copy-pasted proposals and they all sucked. Honesty is what everyone looks for on the internet which is filled with fake trolls and memes.

Be honest and let them know why you started writing in the first place. Assure the client that even though you lack in experience, you have enough passion to do it right.

  1. Handle criticism well

When it comes to content writing on the internet, every client has very different requirement and a completely different approach. What might work with one client, might not work with the other client.

Make yourself thick skinned and be brave enough to take on all the negativity without letting it affect your self-esteem. Just because one person doesn’t like what you wrote doesn’t mean that you are a bad writer, it just means that what you wrote doesn’t fit their requirements. Let it go, understand what the client wants and start again.






  1. Do what you love

Never try to take on a project just because it seems easy or it looks like good money. If you start writing just for money then what is the difference between this and your current boring desk job.  Take on project that actually interests you and you would actually want to do even if you were doing it for you. Follow your passion and it will take you to the right road.



If you have any questions or doubts or just want to talk , you can contact me at mystrangelife14(at)gmail(dot)com


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