Ask Ritika – The Future of Freelance Writing

Ask Ritika - In this segment I answer questions about freelance writing and content writing


When you are just starting up as a freelance content writer, its normal to have a lot of questions on your mind. I did too. And that is the reason why I started this section of the website.

If you too have questions about freelance writing, drop them here.

I am an aspiring freelance writer from India. I have been writing since January this year but have not been able to achieve a lot of success. I have done a number of writing internships. I also have a very strong portfolio of published links but do not know what to do now.


First of all, chuck the internships.

Let’s be honest, internships are a fancy way of saying – We want someone to do full-time freelance writing work but we don’t want to pay you.

Now, that you have a strong portfolio, it is time to hunt down clients and apply for jobs.

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I am glad to know that you are freelance content writer. I admired your work and I love writing as well. I am doing my engineering right now, how can I prepare myself to become a freelance writer?



I want to be a freelance writer but I am new to writing. Given that it is scary and I don’t know where to begin. It would be great if you could give me some pointers, it will be helpful and much appreciated.


Start by analysing if you really like writing or not. I always recommend prospective writers to open up their own blog and try to write daily. Make your blog as a portfolio

Once you are sure it is the right path for you, start building your portfolio and apply for jobs.

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How much should a freelance content editor with 4+ years of writing experience charge for articles, case studies and white papers that he writes for corporates?


Every day I get almost the same question – How much should I charge? And I have the same answer – your charges depend on you and your hard work.

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What is the future of a freelance writer and what’s the income one can expect

The worse part of being a freelance content writer – there is no lowest income.

The best part of being a freelance content writer – there is no highest amount either.

The future is vast considering there are new websites coming up every day and all these websites need new content.


I am in a dilemma where I have so much in mind, but unable to get it done in a right way. I am reading many posts at once i.e. leading me to the confused state of mind. The absolute start is necessary and I am lacking to build one. Please suggest me a course of action for my further actions to get out of this quandary and I would be able to stand.


Thinking too much and doing nothing will get you nowhere. You have already read too many posts and you know all that there is. The rest you can only learn by experience. So take out a pen and paper and put down the actionable steps that you would need to do to get your first freelance writing job within a month.

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Are you a freelance content writer looking for some answers? Leave your questions here and I will answer them in the next Ask Ritika post.

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