Freelance Writing – Where to Start and How to Earn

Okay, so you definitely like writing and you would want to give it a try but you have utterly no idea where to start and how to make a living. I receive so many emails every week from Indian Freelance Writers and all of them have the same question – How do I start with freelance writing?

Here are a few steps I have compiled together, let me know if I missed out on any

  1. Know where you stand

Look around the people you are going against. Read through their writing and compare it with yours. I know you won’t accept it but deep down you would know how far behind you are. And you have to work harder that much more.

Nothing is impossible. If you really love writing, work extensively to hone your skills

  1. Find clients at the right places

Just because you decided to become a freelance writer doesn’t mean clients will start lining up in front of you. If you are a freelance writer, you will always be hunting for new clients. ALWAYS.

5 Online Gold Mines for finding Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Understand freelance writing terms

Freelance writing terms are not too complicated but there might be a few situations where you could get caught off guard. Best thing to do, would be to do your home work and make sure you are prepared

Freelance Writing Terms you need to know

  1. Know what to charge and what not to charge

If you don’t know what to charge you could either loose your client or end up working it pathetically low rates. Check out your competition and see what they are charging

How much should you charge for Freelance Writing

5. Discuss the payment terms before starting

Talk about all the work that needs to be done, number of revisions you would do, total payment and deadline of payment. If the work is bulky, make sure you ask for an advance instead of waiting till the end.

Tip – Even if you discuss things on the phone, make sure you email all that you have disccused with the client and ask for his confirmation. It always helps to keep everything in writing.

Real V/s Fake Freelance Writing clients

6. Respect your and client’s time

Stay on deadline and work efficiently. If you think a project is taking more time than you that, let the client know

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