How to Find Genuine Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Finding genuine freelance writing jobs online in India can seem intimidating and difficult when you are just a new and aspiring freelance writer trying to find your own ground.

After all, you are not just trying to get a paid writing job, you are also trying to discover yourself as a writer. Most freelance writers I meet give up too early either because they don’t get enough jobs or they don’t get paid enough. And here is what I tell them – Have you really put all the efforts you could?

If you have been at it for long, and you are still struggling to find freelance writing jobs online and a full-time work from home opportunity, then this is the perfect post for you.

Here is how you can find genuine freelance writing jobs:

How to find genuine freelance writing jobs online

Create your website

Clients are looking for professionals who are reliable and experienced. Now even if you are new to freelance writing, creating a website and putting up a portfolio will help you get more jobs. It shows that you are serious about being a writer.

Word of mouth publicity

Ask your friends and family to spread the word around that you are a freelance writer and you are actively looking for freelance writing work from home jobs. You never know when an opportunity comes knocking on your door.

Connect with other freelance writers

Networking is extremely important and you should always stay connected with other freelance writers. Why? Well, we freelance writers often come across jobs that we cannot take because of other work commitments. If they know you are available for work, they can send the job information your way.

Start cold pitching

Cold pitching is one of the most obvious ways to connect with prospective clients and get freelance writing jobs. But most writers don’t do it right. You need to decide your area of expertise first and then contact companies in that sector. So, if you want to go into technical writing, contact IT companies in your city.

Check Twitter

Twitter is one of the best and underrated places to find freelance writing jobs online. All you need to do is search Twitter with keywords or hashtags like – Freelance writer, content writing, and writing gigs, and that’s it!

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is filled with job opportunities, and here is what you need to do to land a freelance writing job on the website:

  • Prep your LinkedIn profile
  • Connect with HRs and founders of different companies
  • Constantly showcase your published work
  • Apply for full-time jobs but let the clients know you are open to freelance writing opportunities

Pitch on sites that pay writers

The quickest way to start earning as a freelance writer is by pitching other websites that pay writers for articles and blogs. But don’t go running just yet, make sure you go through the website completely, understand the kind of topics they cover and then pitch according to their guidelines.

(You can also pitch on this website and earn)

Guest posting

It can be difficult to get your article pitched and published on websites in one go, so you should also try guest posting for free, to start getting traction.

To find these websites, just go to google and search ‘Write for us’, and start pitching!

Get serious about freelance writing

If you want to become a well-paid freelance writer, then the first thing you need to do is get serious about it. Take every jobs seriously, only take work that interests you, abide by deadlines, and treat your clients professionally.


What is your foolproof way to find freelance writing jobs online?


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2 thoughts on “How to Find Genuine Freelance Writing Jobs Online”

  1. Hey Ritika.. it was like my dream that what you spoke about..
    I don’t if I am begging or something but I need kinda writing jobs.
    please help me to get work either on commission or a fee. I don’t mind it professionally and request to you as well.. thanks

    1. Hi Ranvir

      Start by creating a portfolio and applying jobs at places list in the post above. Take one day at a time with patience and do not expect to get success in a single week

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