2018 Freelance Writing Goals: Plan What’s Ahead
By Ritika Tiwari / January 2, 2018 / Comments: 0

As we move into the new year, I am forced to look back on my freelance writing journey and how I did in 2017. There were hectic schedules, 7-day work weeks, and a lot of emails to respond. But, I also remind myself to feel grateful for everything I have, despite all the long working days, because I get to do what I love, every day.

Whether you are a newbie just dipping your toes in freelance writing or you have been at it for quite sometime, but you just can’t manage to find a continuous stream of clients to take freelancing full-time, take the new year as a new opportunity.

Get a notepad and pen, and write down your goals for 2018. Speak them into the existence and let them out. When you are done, sketch a plan on how to make your goals a reality.

Before you do that, remember to make your goals realistic. You cannot write ‘I want to get published by the end of 2018’ if you don’t even have a book idea. Make more target specific and achievable goals.

Need some help? Here are some freelance writing goals you can take up and plan ahead:

In this new year, make freelance writing goals and plan ahead so that you can have a successful year ahead. Get a notepad and pen, and write down your goals

1- Pitch to that magazine/newspaper you have always loved

Every writer has that one magazine or newspaper they want to see their article published in, and I am sure you do too. Instead of sighing every time you read that magazine, take a bold step and pitch an article to the editor. You could either get the editor’s email address through Twitter or LinkedIn. Yes, there are a lot of reasons to not send that email, but remember – You have got nothing to lose.

Last year, I finally overcome my fears and sent my article pitch to a newspaper I had always admired. The editor responded within an hour, and my article was published within two weeks. All because I took the courage to hit ‘Send’ on that email.

2- Ask more than your standard price

So, you know the started market price for freelance writers at your experience level. Clients might be belittling you about how you don’t deserve more. But, how are you going to get paid well until you ask for a higher pay?

Trust in yourself and your work. Ask for higher pay from new clients. Some may decline, but there will be some who agree with your rates.

3- Treat your work as your business

The thing about writers is, they think too much from the heart. Writing and getting published means more to them than getting paid. But, you have to remember if you don’t get paid for writing, it’s just a hobby and not a career.

This year, make a vow to treat your work as a business. Work as a professional, make timely deliveries, send invoices on time, and expect the same professionalism from others.

4- Expand your portfolio by going beyond your comfort zone

Okay, so you are only comfortable with handling travel and wedding related articles? You don’t want to take up any other kind of project because you haven’t worked on anything else and you are unsure.

Closing yourself off will only limit your work and your income too. Instead, go beyond your comfort zone and expect new types of projects with confidence. Sure, it will be difficult and it will require a lot of research at your end, but when you finally nail that project, you’ll be more proud of yourself than ever.

5-No submitting average work

Turns out, you underestimated the enormity of the project, and you don’t have enough time to submit it by the deadline. So, you quickly take an article off the internet, rewrite it exactly the same, and send over the article without even proofreading it properly.

The situation will only lead two scenarios – Either the client will completely reject your work or they will still pay you, but they won’t ever work with you again.

Submitting less than perfect work may seem like a great shortcut that gets your work done quickly and doesn’t make you stay up all night, but it isn’t helpful in the long term. Not to mention, when a client is paying you from their hard earned money, they expect perfect work.

In 2018, when you are nearing a deadline and you feel like submitting average work, remind yourself that you are better than that and get better time management skills.

After you have made your goals

  • Prioritise your goals and simplify them into tasks
  • Track your goals monthly
  • Celebrate milestone when you achieve

I hope you are able to fulfil all your freelance writing goals in 2018. Happy New Year!



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