How to Become A Freelance Writer: From a Stay at Home Mom

This guest post is brought to you by, Yamini, a freelance writer and a proud stay at home mom

Pregnancy, a new baby, and all those sleepless nights takes its toll on you. Eventually, you reach a point in time when you can take a breath of fresh air. Many a time you don’t have the luxury of resuming a regular 9-to-5 job because you are not ready to leave your little one behind.

Freelance writing is the best option for new moms if you have a knack for writing and wish to make some good bucks working part time.  

I know you must have a lot of questions:

  • When and where do I begin?
  • Will I get a good pay?
  • How do I get clients?
  • How to meet deadlines?
  • Can I juggle between work and baby?

Stay calm. I am a stay-at-home mom too and trust me, I have been there too. It ain’t that big a deal. Here is how you can become a freelance writer, while continuing to be the super mom that you are

1- Make peace with your demons

Women face prejudices when it comes to motherhood and are often left with fewer choices.

Make sure you don’t fall prey to those empty talks and the guilt that builds because of them. When is the right time to start? Six months? One year? After my kid goes to school? — It’s now or never.

I resumed freelance writing six months after my daughter was born and I don’t regret my decision whatsoever. I believe that I made a career choice healthy for me and my family as well.     

2- Turn over a new leaf

Seeing your job take a backseat for a while can be overwhelming and it can also make you feel lost. Worry not, you will be just fine. All you need is a gentle nudge to lift your spirits and unleash the writer in you before you can get started with stay at home mom jobs. Believe that you are going to be successful and gather the courage to face the challenges that come along the way.

2- Notify your clients

If you are a mother returning to work, let your clients know that you are back in the game by sending a formal notification. Your portfolio and reputation amongst your clients can land you more jobs.

On the other hand, if you have just started to build your network, you can drop cold emails to potential clients. Besides, you could try a few other ways to find freelance writing jobs like the social media and job boards.

3- Overcome writer’s block

It might seem like it has been ages since you last wrote, when the words came pouring out. But now, you keep staring at a blank screen, wondering where to begin. You can start with small exercises to get back into your creative flow.

Writing a review of the recent movie that you watched or a book that you read, summarizing your take on the current state of affairs, and using content writing tools are few ways to start.

4- Create an ambiance  

A day in the life of a new mom can be unimaginable with random tasks such as taking care of the baby, doing household chores, running errands, and so on. Sleep deprivation is a major concern, let alone spare time to work.

But setting your priorities straight by creating an ambiance with less interventions and distractions could be the key to successful writing. Personally, for me, “Sleep while the baby sleeps” is replaced with “Write while the baby sleeps.”

5- Say hello to note-taking apps

Ideas can rain down at the craziest and least expected times, like when you nurse your baby or do the laundry. You can’t always find the time to run to the laptop at your home-office and take down the ideas. In such situations, note-taking apps on your smartphone can come in handy. You can jot down the points as and when they pop up in your head and build on them later.

6- Meeting deadlines and staying productive

Now that you are a stay-at-home mom, you should be mindful of the time constraints before you commit to your clients. It is advisable to estimate the number of hours required to complete a project and then agree upon breathable deadlines. Clients don’t encourage writers who seek wiggle room to push deadlines.

My time management ritual includes agreeing on the number of words with the client, followed by estimating the number of hours required to write. I then break it down to determine the number of days required based on my productive hours per day.

Finally, I add a few more hours for edits and reviews before setting deadlines.

Now you know what it takes to be a stay-at-home mom cum freelance writer. All you need to do is take a leap of faith. You go girl!


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