How to Follow up With Freelance Writing Clients


Its nerve wrecking when you send a great pitch to an editor for a freelance writing job that is perfect for you, but then, they don’t reply you, ever.

You really want to know whether the editor liked your work or not, but you don’t know how to approach the editor and mail him without sounding too desperate or intrusive.

Should you follow up

Well, that depends.

Editors are busy creatures, and you might not be the only one who sent in an application. There might be tens and hundreds of applications and it might take the editor weeks to scan each one of them separately.

Sometimes they even miss a few, and your application could be one of them.

More than 95% of the clients do not send out rejection letters, they only send you an email if you have been short-listed.

There are only two reasons why a client won’t respond – either he hasn’t read your mail or he read it and didn’t like it.

To find this out, you could use an application like Mailtrack, which lets you know when the recipient has read your email or not. It sort of works like Whatsapp.

How to follow up

Whether the editor has or has not read your mail, the question still remains – should you follow up. If yes, how to follow up.

To tell you the truth, I don’t follow up with prospective clients, especially when they have read my emails and chose not to reply.

There are clients who stop replying right after you tell them your rates. There is absolutely no point following up with them either.

But, if you do think you should follow up because you are absolutely perfect for the job. Then, by all means, please do.

When you do send a follow up mail, avoid writing too much. A single sentence is more than enough to get your message across. Also, do not look to desperate.

“It’s been 2 weeks, just wanted to know if the position is still open.”


As for me, I get about 5-6 emails from prospective clients every day, and more than half of them do not reply after their first mail. And I do not follow up.


Do you follow up with prospective freelance writing clients?


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