6 Unconventional Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

There are a million ways to find freelance writing jobs online, all you have to do is, look in the right places

So, we have all been there, haven’t we? The endless hours spent on bidding, trying every possible way to get a freelance writing client on sites like Upwork and Freelancer, and even reducing your bids to pennies per word just to get a review. Well, no fear when Nitya is here!

I started freelancing roughly a year back; I’ve always wanted to write, right from the awkward adolescent stage when my English teacher gave a pat on my back. Well, I’ve realized it’s not like that in the real world! There’s hell lot of competition and people with way more experiencing snagging every gig from right under your nose. I was really depressed and wondered what I was doing wrong, this was when I realized I hadn’t done my research AT ALL!

So, I opened Quora like any 22 year old (In your face, Facebook!) and looked up even the tiniest of questions I had. This is when I came across several bloggers, freelancers dishing out advice that I would be grateful for even now; I read several blog posts , Do’s and Don’ts , personal experiences which also included writefreelance.in and then realized what I was doing wrong.


  • First things first, I got more organized. I maintained an excel sheet for all the tips that I was getting.

  •  I made a portfolio out of a few published articles that I was lucky to get. This made me realize what my niche was.

Okay, so a few ways other than bidding that will definitely DEFINITELY get you gigs are:


Cold Emailing :

Target the client directly instead of going through various sites or waiting for them to contact you! For this you need a great pitch; your pitch should reflect what their needs are and how you’re the suitable person for the job.

Keep it short and make it personal, don’t copy paste the same pitch to multiple potential clients. Now you may ask how I do find people looking for freelancer writers to contribute.

Easy peasy! Use Google [GOD!] and type in “contribute to us + {the niche you are interested in}” say “contribute to us + fashion”, “contribute to us + finance” and so on.

You will find numerous sites accepting guest posts and most of them pay you once they accept the sample. This could also be a way to enhance your skills and portfolio in case you are looking initially to work for building your portfolio.


Social Media:

Social Media is in right now. Whatever we know is through social media these days; word gets out through that, more than half of the world is online.

First, let’s play favorites and take Facebook for instance.

Facebook is a goldmine for freelancers! You have numerous Facebook groups where each day hundreds of requests for freelancers come into light. You can check out:

Content Writers

Content Writers Needed

Media Jobs Daily

Yah yah, you can thank me later! I can hear heavy breathing (*winks*). I just discovered these a month back and I have landed more clients than I can count.

Well, Twitter follows suit as many people tweet their requirements and a simple search may lead you to your first client.

I will choose to make LinkedIn into a separate section altogether and you will see why!



This is the most amazing place ever! This is where I landed my first major gig; I can’t even begin to comprehend how awesome this place is for freelancers which is why this deserves a separate section altogether!

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is set up and up to date. Now go onto the search bar and search for “Freelance writing”, “Freelance copywriting” and voila! You can directly apply to most of these using your LinkedIn profile! What’s best is you can apply so many filters based on company, location, etc.


Job Boards:

Well, these I would recommend to people who have had a few years’ experience in writing but well it’s always worth a shot! You can get emails to directly contact the client in these forums and most of the time they do reply.  Some of the popular ones are:

Media Bistro

Freelance Writing  (has a collection of gigs from many job boards!)



Okay, so you must have heard of Fiverr (where you offer to do anything for 5$) for sure if you’ve done atleast some research before starting to write! I’ve seen many people give up on Fiverr after the first few days. I thought why not give it a try and you won’t believe the rewards you reap with patience.

It’s been less than a month since I joined and well the initial few days were dry but I worked on every gig that I offered and set them up. I’m so happy to say that once I got my first client, the offers started pouring in.

Alternatively, you have Peopleperhour and Fourerr as well but I would definitely choose Fiverr any day!


Friends and Family

Last but not the least, tell your friends and family about what you’re doing! They may not understand it at first but will be really supportive. I remember just telling two friends about it initially and they got back to me within a week with 2 gigs at hand!

They will spread the word and think of you first when they hear an opening. You could also offer to do it at a lower pay to build your portfolio in the initial days.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Do try these alternate ways and let me know how they work for you and if you can think of any more then do leave your suggestions  in the comment section below!


Nitya was our first Pitchfest winner, which is still going on. Take part here.


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2 thoughts on “6 Unconventional Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs”

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  2. Nice article. The tip on cold e-mailing is dead on. I began my freelance digital nomad life three years ago, and cold emailing is where I get 80% of my new clients. I actually get so much work from there that I just started a FB group to start farming the work out to jr. writers. I would love it if you have extra work for jr writers you could post it there. [Link Omitted]

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