5 Effective Habits of a Successful Content Writer


Do you wonder why some writers earn $500 per article but you are stuck $5 only?

Successful Content Writers make sure they are getting what they are worth. But, they are able to get good money because they deliver amazing content and they are confident about it.

Do you just rewrite content from other sources?

That’s not what successful content writers do. And to get above the $5-10 pay scale you have to make sure you deliver engaging content.

It’s not just about writing your own views, it’s about SEO, analytics, WordPress and social media too.


Lucky for you, I have de-constructed every effective habit of a successful content writer and you can become one too.

Here are five effective habits of a successful content writer

Effective Habits of a Successful Content Writer

1.    They research and curate article ideas

Instead of just writing about topics from the top of your head, it’s important to do your research find the right topics.

First of all, you need to know your target audience and understand what they are looking for. Then, research what the other competitors are doing and how you can do it better.

For most people, there are two kind of articles

  • Written specially for social media to get more shares
  • Written to get more organic hits through search engines

But, you can actually write an article that does good on both social media and search engines.

Once you have a topic, run Google’s Keyword tool to see how much searches it gets every month. If its really not getting many searches, then that means, even if your article is an instant hit on social media, traffic will decrease after the first two weeks, and it won’t be useful at all.

To know if the topic will do good on social media, I would suggest doing a keyword search on BuzzSumo. You will get a list of articles with the number of shares they have gotten.

This will give you a pretty good idea about how the topic will do when it gets published.

2.    They understand SEO, WordPress and HTML

Some content writers say that SEO f-ks up their writing and that is why they don’t like to do it.

But, if you are a writer on the internet then you need to care about SEO. And it’s really not that hard, I would suggest brushing up through the main rules and keeping them in mind while you write.

Nobody will ask you to stuff keywords in your blog posts, ever. Probably 2-3 keywords are good enough. Plus, plugins like Yoast help too.

To be honest, you don’t really need to know WordPress and HTML in depth but you do need a beginner’s lesson in them – like how to upload articles on WordPress, how to add pictures and how to change headings.

HTML coding helps when you are trying to incorporate more features in your post. Like, the subscribe box at the end of this post ( Btw, have you subscribed yet?)

3.    They work the magic of social media

How many followers do you have on Twitter?

Do you regularly connect and post on LinkedIn

The power of social media is big and you have got to make the most of it. You cannot just wait around to get more followers, you have to be more active.

When you have 5,000 followers on Twitter, you know people are going to notice what you post and click on more links.

Clients take note of this too. More followers from you means you can get clients more hits to their websites.

4.    They always write original pieces

Have you ever desperately passed your content through Copyscape because you had a fear it was plagiarised?

Do you just end up rewriting content from other sources? Have you ever thought why anyone would pay you $500 per post for rewritten content?

Start from the scratch, do your research thoroughly and then make an outline of the article.

Gather information from several sources and then decide exactly what approach you would be taking.

For research, I love using Evernote because it helps me pinning down all the articles that I find useful.

5.    They write sparkling headlines

Let’s be honest guys – clickbait is real. No matter how much we try ignore it, it is real. People are not going to click on your articles until and unless it has an impress title.

You probably only clicked on this article because you liked the headline.

I would suggest putting down at least 4-5 headings then choosing the best one out of them.

You can also use Headline analyzers available online to check the effectiveness of your headline. Here is one from Coschedule for you try.

Your Turn

Now that you know everything you need to do to become a successful content writer, its your turn to try them out and earn big.

What are some tips you always stick by?

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  1. Thanks Ritika. I must confess, I got some really valuable stuff/tips/tools on writing from you. Love your work !!!! Keep spreading the knowledge for the newbies.

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