8 Must-Read Blog Posts for Freelance Writers

For this week, I decided to switch up a little bit and present you with some of the most helpful and must-read blog posts on the website.I wanted to compile all of those useful posts into one because it can be rather difficult to track them all together, considering I have written over 150+ blogs on Write Freelance (Yes, 150!).

The list includes some of my personal favourite blog posts and the readers, actually. I have tried to divide them into different categories to make it easier for you to review them all.

Improving your writing skills

1- Best Creative Writing Courses in India

Whether you want to take a up a distance learning course or attend weekend classes, there are many creative writing courses in India that you can enroll in to improve your writing and to get inspired. The distance learning and online courses listed here are more expensive as compared to others, but I still recommend them all

2- How to Write a Blog Post

Writing a blog post might seem easy to many, but writing an effective blog posts isn’t really as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to create the perfect blog post that doesn’t just get traction from readers but also ends up getting you more freelance writing clients.

While the creative writing courses can improve your writing skills, they still don’t cover much about writing online. To be able to find freelance writing jobs online, you need to know how to write blog posts thoroughly and this article covers every aspect of it including research, writing, editing, uploading, and SEO>

Finding jobs

3- Job boards for Freelance Writers

Best-Job boards-Freelance-Writers

There are many job boards online where verified clients post their requirements and you can directly get in touch with them by sharing your portfolio. Though, there are probably thousands of job boards like these available online, you should only look at the more popular ones, especially those that charge clients for job postings. After all, if a client is willing to pay for a job ad, they will most likely pay the writers as well.

4- Websites that Pay Writers for Guest Posts

Websites that pay writers for guest posts

While job boards are a great way to directly connect with clients, there are also many websites that pay for guest posts. These websites won’t just help you expand your portfolio, but they will also help you get paid. Cha-Ching

Creating a portfolio

5- Free Portfolio sites for Freelance Writers

Portfolio sites for Freelance writers

The first thing that any client will ask you for is your portfolio. Sending a couple of Microsoft Docs, or worse, zipped MS Docs files may seem like a quick option for you, but it can be a time-consuming for the clients and they may not check your samples at all.

You need to find a way to make your portfolio available online so that it is easily accessible by your clients. I put together a list of all the websites that allow you to create your portfolio online, free of charge.

Don’t have any samples to add to your portfolio? Take a look at this post which covers how new freelance writers can create a portfolio without any samples

Setting rates, creating contracts, and sending invoicing

Yes, we are at the most uncomfortable, but utterly necessary part of freelance writing.

6- How to Set Rates as a Freelance Content Writer

If there is one question that I have been asked a million times, then that is — What rates should I set for my writing services?

And my answer to that is always the same — Nobody can decide your rates for you. Only you can determine what your writing is worth. In this article, I have explored the different factors that you should consider while setting your rates which will definitely help you a lot.

7- Everything You Need to Know About Freelance Writer Contracts

Working without any advance payment or signed contract is like setting yourself up for failure. On the other hand, with a signed contract, you can list down all your expectations regarding work and payments and make sure they are followed by both you and your clients.

8- How to Create Your First Freelance Invoice

Creating your first freelance invoice - Freelance Writer- Write Freelance- Ritika Tiwari

Creating an invoice is always an awkward thing for freelance writers to do — We have to essentially ask clients for many and we have to do in the most professional way possible.

In this article, I cover everything that you need to know before creating your very first freelance invoice. There is a also a downloadable invoice template available. You can also take a look at these free invoicing apps.

Which one of these blog posts is your favourite?

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