3 Big Reasons Why Your Freelance Writing Dreams Are Going Nowhere

There is a huge difference between dreaming and actually doing something. There are so many people I meet who want to become a freelance writer but they don’t want to go through the struggle that comes along with freelance writing. They don’t want to search for clients, they don’t want to approach editors and they absolutely do not want to take criticism from someone else.

Just dreaming about things is not enough, you have to believe in it and move ahead.

Here are three big reasons your freelance writing dreams are going nowhere

1.    You are not looking at the right places


freelance writing-star wars


Part of your job as a freelance writer is to search for clients, and not just any client, you need to search for good and well-paying clients. If you browsing on the same websites and going through low-paid jobs, you will end up working in a content mill with absolutely no room for improvement.

Expand your horizon and go past the usual Elance and Upwork. Increase your social media connections and try searching for jobs on Linkedin and Twitter. You would be surprised to see how many companies post requirements there. And if you like a website that you would want to write for, directly email the editor with a pitch and your previous samples

2.    You still doubt yourself




Most of the freelance writers won’t really do what I mentioned in the point above. Directly emailing an editor can be scary for a lot of people but you have to understand that you have really got nothing to lose here. You could get rejected but there is also a chance that the editor might like your work. You’ll never know until you try.

3.    You are just not serious


freelance writing - kanye

Without the passion and the seriousness for anything you really cannot get anywhere and it goes for freelance writing too. Just getting new clients is not enough, you always have to make sure all your work is delivered on time and the client is completely satisfied with the content.

Regularly update your portfolio and your rates to be on track. But if you are not serious and it’s just a way out for you, then you got to choose some other field because this isn’t for you.

What are the fears that are holding you back from becoming a freelance writer?


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