4 Best Freelance Websites to Get more jobs

Finding the right freelance websites to get projects is one of the biggest struggles of a freelance writer, especially when you are just starting.

Finding the right freelance websites to get projects is one of the biggest struggles of a freelance writer, especially when you are just starting. You don’t have enough connections to get jobs, you hardly have a portfolio, and you don’t know if you can take this freelancing thing forward.

Freelance websites can help bridge the gap by connecting you to clients who are actively looking for freelancers. Though, not every website is reliable. You should only work through vetted websites to make sure you don’t end up with fake clients and you are able to get paid on time.

Finding the right freelance websites to get projects is one of the biggest struggles of a freelance writer, especially when you are just starting.

1- Upwork

The merger of Elance and oDesk led to the creation of Upwork. By combining the quality of freelance jobs offered by Elance and the seamless interface of oDesk, Upwork became one of the top freelance websites to get jobs.

If you are looking for reliable clients, large volume of projects, and steady income, Upwork is the first website you should try. That is because finding projects as a beginner on Upwork is much easier than the other platforms.

Before I continue, I want to mention that I have earned more than $10,000 from Upwork and I am a top-rated freelancer on the website. And yet, I only use Upwork for two of my long-term clients now.

Why? Because Upwork changed its pricing structure and now it charges freelancers 20% of the total project fee. It may seem small, but 20% is a big amount when you handle large scale projects. If you have long-term clients and you have received work for more than $500 from them, in that case the fee goes down to 10%. For new freelancers, it is not so easy to get a $500 project or a long-term client.

That being said, Upwork is still a great platform for freelance writers to good and high paying projects.

2- Fiverr

Fiverr is a gig offering website where every service costs $5 (or an increment of 5). Unlike the other freelancing sites where clients post their job requirements and freelancers apply, Fiverr allows freelancers to post their gigs on its platform and clients can contact them instead.

You can create gigs like – ‘200 words article for $5.’ Now, if a client needs an 800 words article, they can either pay for the same gig four times or ask you for a custom gig offer. If you are absolutely new to freelancing, Fiverr is where you should start. The approval process doesn’t take as long and you can easily find clients.

At the same time, Fiverr is mostly restricted to low-paying jobs, which means you might have to look elsewhere if you want more high paying freelance writing jobs.

3- Freelancer

The first time you ever thought about becoming a freelancer and googled it, chances are, you ended up on Freelancer.com.

The URL that the company chose has definitely been great for their growth and the company claims to have over 25 million registered users. With so many users, you are bound to find many projects on Freelancer and you might even get hired.

But here is an advice for you whether you are a freelancer or a client – Look out for hidden fees. The pricing structure of Freelancer isn’t transparent and you might end up paying the website a lot even for accepting or cancelling a project. The interface can be confusing too.

4- Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour is a rather new entry on the list, as compared to the other freelance writing jobs websites. Like Fiverr allows users to create gigs, Peopleperhour lets freelancers create ‘hourlies’ where you can mention your services and your hourly fees. Clients can then contact you and buy those hourlies.

Clients also post their projects on the website and you can apply for a maximum of 15 projects in a month. Since the platform is rather new, there are not as many projects as you would find on Upwork, but it’s a great place for an extra income.

Peopleperhour charges 5% fee for the first $280 and then 3.5% after that.

Which is your favourite freelance website to get jobs?


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