Becoming a Full-Time Freelance Writer – 9 Things Stopping You

Becoming a Full-Time Freelance Writer – 9 Things Stopping You

This is a very special week for me. It’s not just my birthday week, it’s also this website’s birthday!

Last year, around the same time, I finally mustered up the courage and tell my manager that I was quitting my job. I did not tell anybody why I was quitting my job, all I said was – I had some personal issues.

I don’t know why I didn’t tell anyone about it, may be because I didn’t want to jinx it or may be because I thought they would just laugh at me because I was leaving a stable and a fixed job for something completely unstable.

But guess who’s laughing now?

I am earning way more than my ‘safe’ job and some of my old office colleagues have asked me if I could assign them some part-time work.

Becoming a full-time freelance writer, is not luck, it’s a lot and lot of hard work. And it is not for the faint hearted.

Here are 9 things that might be stopping you from becoming a full-time freelance writer:


Becoming a Full-Time Freelance Writer – 9 Things Stopping You


1.    You like stable life

You like your 9-5 routine, and relaxing over the weekend. When you go on a leave or a vacation, you don’t think about work or check work emails because you know somebody would be there to take care of things.

When you become a full-time freelance writer, you are the boss of everything but it also means that you have to take the blame for everything. To be able to take a relaxing holiday and not worry about work, is an extremely difficult thing

2.    You want to know what you are earning each month

If you are someone who is used to getting a fixed salary at the end of every month, then you should run far away from freelancing.

While there is no maximum pay limit when you are a freelance writer, they is also no minimum limit. You have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

3.    You don’t want to go looking for clients every week

You don’t like being pro-active when it comes to searching new clients? Then, you will never get the amazing clients you deserve.

Some of the most high paying clients I have worked with did not contact me, instead I contacted them.

4.    Freelancing to you means 2 hours of work and relaxing

If you are only looking to work 2 hours a day and relaxing, then that is called a part-time job, not a full-time one.

5.    You are working at low rates (And are happy about it)

I often get writers asking me about what classifies as low rates, and I cannot give them a right answer because it is very subjective.

You are working on low rates when you are slugging through work, giving in 10-12 hours a day. And yet, what you are receiving at the end of the day doesn’t seem worth it.

Ditch your low paying clients, and start pro-actively looking for better ones.

6.    You depend too much online freelancing websites

There are many websites online that can help you connect with clients but these websites cut down their own commissions. Also, if you are getting a large chunk of your income through them, then that also means that you are completely dependent on them.

Upwork just doubled their commission and changed their rating algorithm. A lot of clients are not even able to see all the freelancers who applied to their jobs.

It’s alright to depend on them when you are just starting out but you shouldn’t be getting more than 25% of your pay from these websites.

7.    Your business and maths knowledge is nil

Yes, being a writer is all about being creative but to earn well you have to insert your business and maths acumen too.

You have to know how much you need to earn on a minimum scale to survive and you also need to know which clients are paying less and asking for more of your time.

There will also be situations when you would have to negotiate contracts with clients and handle some flaky clients who just don’t want to pay up the fee.

Of course, all this wouldn’t happen in a full-time job but these are just some of the struggles of being a full-time freelance writer.

8.    You do not set goals for yourself

You just go and keep on writing, but you never think about your monthly goals or your end goals.

Where do you see yourself in a month?

Where do you see yourself in a year?

What kind of writing you really want to do?

What kind of clients you really want to work with?

9.    You think talent is more important than hard work

You might be a really talented writer, but if you do not have the dedication and the hard work, then you will never achieve good results.


Do you also want to become a full-time freelance writer? What’s stopping you?




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