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Over the past one month, I got a lot of emails from you guys asking for advice and suggestions about how to take your freelance writing career forward. I realized most of the questions were pretty similar. So, I decided to make a section out of it. This way I can reach more people who are looking for similar advice.

I will be making this a monthly feature so if you have some other questions about freelance writing or just writing in general, you can fill up this form and I will try to answer it in next month’s post. Also, if the questions are too many, I might also consider a weekly post. Let’s see.

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Here are the questions, I have removed all the personal information to keep the privacy intact of my readers.


I ventured into freelance writing after a stint of around 10 years as a financial journalist. I have uploaded my details on outsourcing portals such as elance and odesk (now, upwork), but have been unable to get any editing/writing assignments through the online route. All that I have managed to do is to get small offline assignments from known clients.

I would love to tap the online/internet route for editing and writing projects–do let me know how i can go about it.

Getting your first set of online clients can be a very difficult task. While offline clients only look at your experience and portfolio, online clients also check your social media following. That is why, it is very important to have your own blog where you do the actual writing and make sure you are present on all social media platforms. I got a lot of clients online just because they liked my personal blog.

Also, tapping clients on Upwork and similar portals is tough and highly competitive. Even if you do, you shouldn’t keep this as your main source of income. Here is a post I did about getting started on Upwork.


I work as IT Recruiter for US based company working in complete night shifts and I earn 40,000 a month. As this is a night job I am looking for an alternative like working from home. I look for the same job which offers me a work from home option. But recently I heard about these blogs and freelancing, Am quite interested and posted a question online.  

 I have a few question and thought you would help me on those. First things first. As a blogger or a freelance writer you need to have a lot of creative thinking. Honestly I don’t have that creative thinking in me. I am not a good writer. Will this freelance thing work for me in anyway

 How do I write something? What topics should I choose? How to write a blog? How to populate it? I think there are many courses that about freelance writing, technical writing, content writing. I don’t think that these courses doesn’t help developing my creative thinking as much as they improve my writing skills.


If money is your primary motivation then you would never be able to earn as good as the other freelance writers. You have already accepted that you are not a good writer and if writing doesn’t interest you then I would suggest choosing some other path.

There are writers who earn only 2-3 thousand every month but there are writers who earn 2-3 lacs per month. The difference lies in their passion and quality of writing.

I would suggest opening a personal blog. If you like it, continue doing so


I am currently working with an IT farm. I have changed my domain(in the same company) from coding to content writing as I have avid interest in it. I have a few offers from other organizations.

I wanted to know what are the steps I must keep in mind before taking up such jobs. Because according to the clause, I can’t be employed in any other organization while working in the present one. How did you do it?

Well, I cannot answer that question clearly without getting into legal troubles. But, hypothetically if you were to do freelancing part-time while being a permanent employee, the first you would need to do is not tell anybody in your office and keep your head down. 😀

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3 thoughts on “Ask Ritika – Your Questions, My Answers”

  1. Hey Ritika

    I am putting tons of my hard earned money into online ventures.
    Understandably, have tons of topics/questions

    1. Why dont you cover hubpages? Especially from indian perspective. Is it worth even considering?
    2.Your take on effectiveness of text spinners. Can the process be automated?
    3. Five best areas for writing. I know “what you know best”. But that doesn’t put gold bars in your bank locker. Neither can it put bread on table. So practical answers. May be from the eyes of an investor rather than writer.
    4. Amazed at the fineness of this site. Is it wordpress? Do you suggest any free themes/templates for writers? Web designers cost an arm and a leg. Need to be cut out of the loop.
    5. I want to know more about typography. I am looking for that one single large font that would make reading easier for my visitors. Probably because of zero understanding of psychology, not able to zero in on the name of the magical font.

    Sorry for making you drink from the hose.
    Couldn’t help it. Large sums of money are involved.
    A wrong decision can cost me heavily.

    1. Hi Anuj

      My main goal is to empower writers and help them find a way to earn through what they love. I do not endorse text spinners or people who are only in this for the money

  2. Hey Ritika,

    I used to be an IT engineer and then left my job due to family responsibilities. I am trying as a freelancer and created my profile over your advised sites and doing bids etc but not getting any work. I don’t know where am I lacking. Please guide over this. I mean how to grab my first work?

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