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And we are back with our monthly segment of Ask Ritika. If you are new to the website, first of all, thank you for reading this and following my website, I really appreciate it.

I get a lot of questions about freelance writing through email and I thought of combining them all and answering them on the website to help out more people.

All the questions here only contain generic information, I make it a point to remove all the personal information even when readers send me. If you have some questions too, you can send them through this form anonymously 🙂

So, let’s get started !

ask ritika - freelance writer

Hi Ritika, I am working in an IT firm right now. But I have a zest in writing & learning every day. But, my question is, where should I be finding my first clients? Should I try Upwork and freelance websites. Will I get projects there?

Hi there ! Finding your first client can always be difficult and confusing. Firstly, you should choose the kind of project you want to do.

It’s important not to take up a project just for the heck of it. If you don’t understand what the project is exactly about, do not be afraid to ask questions.

My first Freelance writing project was terrifying but I was just glad the client liked my work.

Coming to your question, I would really suggest giving Upwork a try, but fix your rates and do not adjust, no matter what. There are freelancers charging $3/hour and there are freelancers that charge $100/hour.

Here are 4 more websites to find freelance writing jobs online.

I am currently in the final year of engineering and am interested in Freelancing.

I have a few doubts on freelancing , if you would please clear them.

  • Should you only draw contracts when interacting with clients directly or even while interacting through third party websites like Fiverr or Upwork ?
  • What are the extra taxes that you have mentioned in one of your answers ?

Also ,could you please elaborate more on the contracts in the first part as it would be very helpful.

Well, I don’t think you need contracts while working on Fiverr or Upwork. May be if the client wants a Non-Disclosure agreement, he might ask for it.

At Fiverr, the client already pays for the order when he places it. If the client doesn’t review the order in the next 3 days, the payment is automatically released.

Though, the clients are allowed to reject the delivery, if they don’t like it. But, it has never really happened with me. Once clients make the payment, they really want the work done. If you want to know more in detail, check out my Fiverr guide.

At Upwork, there are two types of projects – Fixed and Hourly. Fixed ones are same as Fiverr.

Clients already pay for the project and its put into ‘escrow’, once you finish the work and deliver, the payment gets released. If the client doesn’t approve the work in 15 days, the amount is automatically released.

Hourly projects are a little tricky. You can use Upwork’s Time Tracker to get guaranteed pay for every minute you work, but this time tracker takes random screenshots of your screen which I think is a complete violation of privacy.

You can also manually enter total time spent on the project, but this payment is not guaranteed. So make sure you are working with a trusted client with verified payment. For information, do check out my Upwork Guide.

I have now taken the aim to be a freelance writer but my area of expertise is currently limited to writing my thoughts or reviews as they are called on animation, comics ,novels and games. I have a doubt if this niche will allow me to monetize with my writing skills so I want to broaden my areas of expertise to write on different topics the client wishes, I plan to better myself, my skills and start freelancing by next year ,so basically How do I start writing about a unfamiliar topic or a different niche ? Please help me out with advice.

Why write about something you don’t even like? The whole point of being a Freelance Writer is to do something you love!

Gaming is a separate niche and you can definitely specialize in it. I do recommend going after a certain niche instead of doing all at once, because specializing will make you an expert and obviously get you more money.

If you are good at animation and graphics too, there is a lot of demand for content writers who understand graphic design.

I really think you should go into it, the number of clients you find will be less but they will be willing to offer you higher rates.

Have any questions? Fill up this form and I promise I will include it in the next Ask Ritika post 🙂


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