Ask Ritika – When Clients ask for ‘too’ Many Revisions

Ask Ritika - In this segment I answer questions about freelance writing and content writing

In case you didn’t know, I do an Ask Ritika section on the website once in a while where I answer freelance writing related questions sent in by other writers. The link to the form is always available in the contact section of the website, but in case you are feeling lazy today, here it is.

I have to apologize and say that I had completely forgotten about this section, and today when I looked over, it was flooded with questions.

Some of you guys email me directly too, but I usually get so many emails that those mails often get unanswered. If you have any queries, please either leave it in the comment section below, or fill up the form. I promise to answer all your questions!

Here we go!

What should I do if a brand keeps delaying the payment for months even after receiving the service?

Depends on how long it has been.

If it has been more than a month and they are deliberately ignoring your emails, it’s time to call them up publicly. If they cannot be professional, there is no point of you being professional too.

There are many people around who are just trying to take advantage of naïve freelance writers. Don’t let them get away, if not for the money, then for the other freelance writers they might con.

What to when Freelance Writing Clients Refuse to Pay


What should I do if the brand is not clearly explaining the details about a sponsored post (even after being asked queries) and is very rude when they ask for changes in the draft?

I didn’t quite get the first part, but if the client is asking for too many edits in the draft then that obviously means you didn’t discuss revision terms with the client before starting work, and that can be deathly.

Before starting any project, let the client know what type of revisions you will do, and the duration for revisions. Also, charge extra if the clients asks for extra revision later.


I am a bit foodie kind so I would love to write on food even I love fashion and I even want to write on health so I wanted to know for whom we write this stuff and how to write ?

You can start by creating your own samples, may be on your own blog and then contacting some of the other websites to get your work across.

How to create a portfolio when you don’t have any samples


Where can I learn content writing from if I am located in Mumbai?? Kindly let me know. Thanks in advance and regards.

There is a writing course at Xavier’s, I talked about it here. The classes are three days a week and in evening, so its pretty easy to manage.

Though, it is a creative writing course, and not for content writing.


I would like to know how you started and how you progressed. I am not looking for any quick money, just want to explore into myself and look if I am capable of writing something. It would be great if you could provide some sort of mentoring or advises on where to begin.

Well, I would suggest opening up your own blog, and writing on a regular interval. See if you even like writing enough to put down a few hours every day. And then take it forward from there 🙂

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