9 Extremely Useful Tips Every Blogger Must Know

9 Extremely Useful Tips every blogger must know

Whether you have had a blog since years or you are just starting out, these tips will help you retain your old readers and get many new readers who would always be waiting for new content from you.

Here are some extremely useful tips every blogger must know-




1-   Keep an efficient layout

You need a layout that is modern and easy to understand. That means, you don’t have to be too creative about how things are placed on your blog, you just have to make sure it’s properly aligned. Getting too creative or constantly shuffling the order will make your readers confused.

Blog layout

2-   Build an email newsletter

For some reason, many bloggers think email is a thing of the past and you really cannot get any traffic through it. That is absolutely incorrect! All the major websites have email newsletters and you should too. The first order of business is to build a subscriber list. The way to get more subscribers is by having a newsletter signup pop up on you blog.

Mailchimp is a great newsletter service that lets you create, design and track newsletters.

9 Extremely Useful Tips every blogger must know

3-   Create an editorial calendar to keep you on track

When you have your own blog, it can be difficult to be on time with posts. To make sure you are always on schedule, create an editorial calendar and brainstorm blog post topics at the same time. I usually use Google calendar for this, you can also use other tools like Trello and Asana to make sure you reminded of all the tasks.

9 Extremely Useful Tips every blogger must know

4-   Create an ‘About Us’ page to let your users know who you are and what you do

Having an About Us page doesn’t just help your readers understand what you do but it also helps you in getting prospective clients who might be interested in your work. While we are discussing this, I would also like to mention that it is extremely important to provide your email addresses on your blog. I have noticesd that a lot of bloggers don’t have any emails on their blogs because they are scared of getting spammed but you could have a separate email just for your blog contacts. Just putting up a contact form is very impersonal.

9 Extremely Useful Tips every blogger must know

5-   Organize your blog posts into categories and put them into sidebar

The old blog archive just doesn’t do it anymore. If you have been blogging since a long time, putting up a blog archive means all your good old posts might get ignored. Instead, put all your blog posts into separate categories. Make sure there are only 9-10 categories and put the category list on your side bar so that readers can easily access it.

9 Extremely Useful Tips every blogger must know

6-   Use good images

Use copyright free images and at the same time, make sure they are good quality images. You can also create your own custom images. But you don’t have to be a Photoshop expert for that. You can edit your pictures with PicMonkey or create custom high quality social media content with Canva.

9 Extremely Useful Tips every blogger must know

7-   Create your blog’s brand on social media

Social media drives more traffic to blogs than any other source and that is why, it is very important to have your social media handles up to date. Don’t just share your latest posts, share some old posts and funny pictures that you think your readers might like.

8-   Keep your advertising terms fixed

There will be times when you get approached by advertisers. For this, you need to keep your advertising terms absolutely fixed. You might not want to advertise at all or you might want to charge a certain fee, it all depends on you. Try not to work around the advertiser’s budget.

9-   Take a class to improve your blogging skills

If you are serious about blogging and you want to turn it into a full time thing, you might want to take a blogging course to help you refine your skills. Here’s a great course offered by Suman Kher. You could also take the help of ebooks available online.

Which the one blogging tip that you completely abide by?


2 thoughts on “9 Extremely Useful Tips Every Blogger Must Know”

  1. really nice article Ritika. i really want to know about content writter job desks. do you have an article about your journey, i mean your experience of how you begin your carrier after decided to resign from your previous job as an IT.

    I just begin blogging, i confuse about SEO. i have tried to learn but there are too many things that related to seo. when i try to change my template to be more minimalist with clean html and css code, seo tool says that my text/html ratio only 9% and it is really bad. then i change my template again with non-short cut homepage post article and seo says that my page isn’t speed. i remove some widget and seo says i need to add more widget like google+, calender, email, popular post, recent post. i begin to confuse, how is the best blogger template should be? sorry if my language is difficult to understand. i am not an english native speaker, if you replay my comment.

    1. I haven’t exactly shared how I started my journey, but I will write that soon 🙂
      And I am sorry, I couldn’t really understand what you were trying to say in the second paragraph :/

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