7 Popular Websites that Accept Guest Posts


Building a popular blog on your own can be difficult.

While I do say again and again that its very important to build your own blog to find your voice, guest blogging on another website helps you reach out to a fresher and bigger audience. And most importantly, it helps build your portfolio.

I am sure you have read articles from almost all the websites listed below and wondered if you could share your thoughts about them too. Well, guess what, it really isn’t as difficult as you would think.

Before you move forward and pitch to any of these websites, here are some quick tips to help you get your article out there:

  • Always go through the website completely to understand the kind of articles they usually publish and what type of audience they cater to
  • Some websites require you to pitch your ideas first while others require you to send complete articles. Respect their guidelines and follow them
  • It’s okay to follow up if you don’t receive any reply for more than 2 weeks, but do not pester the editors
  • Usually, the guidelines are specified on every website. I highly recommend not to mail editors ‘asking about guidelines’


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Here are some popular websites that accept guest posts:


Popular websites to guest post


  1. TechCrunch

The website covers technology, startups, and entrepreneurs. In case you want to go through exactly what kind of topics the website covers and what kind of writing they are looking for, you can find all the articles published according to the month of the year here.

  • Send your tip or pitch by either emailing them or filling up the form here

  • In case you are interested in becoming a regular guest blogger, you can fill up the form along with a complete article.


  1. Forbes Opinion Section

As you might already know Forbes covers topics related to business, stock market, personal finance and technology. But for their opinion section, they even allow topics from arts and politics. This is an editorial section, which means they are looking for your voice and your opinion, not for a simple news piece.

  • Mail complete articles to opinion@forbes.com

  • The article must be original and completely exclusive. They do not accept articles that have been published elsewhere

  • You only have to wait for five business days for them to reply, if they don’t, it means they are probably not interested

  • They have a strict no-follow up mails policy


  1. The New York Times

New York Times only accepts guest posts for its Op-Ed section. The website accepts any and every type of article until and unless they feel it has a unique voice and it’s of the NYT standards.

  • Mail complete articles to opinion@nytimes.com

  • Articles should ideally be 400-1200 words, but they can be longer as well

  • The article should be in conversational English with zero jargons


  1. Inc.com

Inc is a business oriented website which advices people on how to build their own business and prosper.


  1. Mashable

The website covers a lot of web news related to technology, business and startups, but they are not necessarily restricted to that. Here is an article about things that you should not do while pitching your story to Mashable


  • Submit your pitch or a complete article by filling up this form

  • If they are interested, they would get back to you within a week


  1. Fast Company

Fast Company publishes inspiring articles related to leadership, productivity, innovation,  career development and business. They are looking for your own opinion about top trends. Here is an article from Fast Company itself to help you get your article published.

  • Send complete articles to kdavis@fastcompany.com

  • Length of the article should be around 1,000 words

  • They usually reply within a week if they are interested

  • You can send one follow-up mail but that’s about it

  1. Write Freelance

Yes, we accept guest articles on this website too! Our main goal is to help and inspire new freelance writers to make a living through writing. Your story could help many out there

Is there any other popular websites that accept guest posts which I forgot to add?


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