6 Ways I Have Improved My Writing in The Past 4 Months

Someone smart once said, you are not going anywhere if you aren’t moving forward.

Okay, I might have made that up but I completely believe its true and it applies to writing as well. Being stuck at one place will never get you to the place you want to be and that is why you always have to keep on improving. Over the last 4 months, my writing has drastically developed and I am very proud of it. Its not just because I write every day but because I  follow a certain routine.

Here are a few tips which helped me improve my writing:

  1. Taking criticism positively

I have seen so many writers getting offended when their articles get criticised and I think its completely stupid. Every feedback, every critic comment can help you improve your writing.

Whenever I am discussing my work with clients, and they point out some mistake, I make sure to note it down and review it later. And it has actually helped me a lot. It might be a very small thing like a comma or a colon, but it teaches you something new and that’s the whole point of it.

  1. Intently hearing client requirements

You have to understand that every client is different and has a completely different requirement. One client might want you to write with extreme humour and sarcasm while the other might need serious hard hitting content.

Listen carefully to your client and understand their requirements before starting on the project. Ask all the questions you have on your mind and make sure you copy down all the notes.

  1. Experimenting with new formats

Once in a while change up your writing style just to see the end results and if you are able to pull it off. Read a lot, take inspiration from other writers and try to incorporate it into your own writing style.

For instance, I love travel writing. It is one of my fortes and my passion. But travel writing has two sides to it – the budget traveller and the luxurious traveller. I had only written budget travelling articles since that’s how I actually travel. But a client approached me and asked me to write a few luxury travel articles. While I had told him, I hadn’t done that before, I also promised to try my very best. And guess what? I did it and the client loved it!

  1. Increasing my proofread and edit time

I wish someone had told me this when I had just started out. Proofreading and editing is just as important as writing. ALWAYS remember that!

After writing, I usually move away from the content for 2-3 hours and then come back for proofreading because it helps me see the content in a different light and its super easy to mark down my own mistakes.


  1. Tracking my time

The reason I started tracking time was because I wanted to know how much I am making by the hour and if the project I am working on is in fact feasible. But this technique actually made me more efficient. I started getting less distracted and was able to complete all my assignments in a fixed time.

  1. Taking notes

I normally write directly on my laptop but when I am really stuck on an article and I hit a writer’s block, that’s when I bring out my trusted notepad and pen and start scribbling. If I have absolutely no clue how to move forward, I start making a flow chart with my chain of thoughts and then write about the whole thing.



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4 thoughts on “6 Ways I Have Improved My Writing in The Past 4 Months”

    1. Hi Anurag !

      I also used to take the short cut but it started affecting the quality and I started losing clients.
      Proofreading made me realize what horrible content I was sending my clients :/

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