5 Terrible Reasons to Become a Freelance Writer


Since I became a full time writer, I have had many people ask me about how much I earn and stating how amazing it is that I can work from home without any pressure of the same old job. Most of them believe that all I do is sit at home and write a few emails and voila! I get money in my bank account. Well, news flash – that’s not how it works.

Here are some terrible reasons to become a freelance writer

  1. You are in for the money

If you are really in this for the money, then let me tell you it is never, ever going to work out for you. I mean if its only just about the money for you then why not just stick to your current job which pays you a definite salary at the end of the month and also provides you with a health insurance? ( I don’t have health insurance, FYI )

  1. You think there would be absolutely no work pressure

When you are in office, you only have to deal with the work pressure from your boss. You are probably not the one directly dealing with the clients and even if you are dealing with clients, you are dealing with some of them and not all of them.
When you become a freelance writer you have to deal with ALL your clients, make sure all their requirements are heard and you are on the same page as them, while trying to create content at the same time.

  1. The idea of work from home just sounds so perfect

Well, it’s not. You have to be more disciplined than ever when you are working from home since there are so many things distracting you from doing your work. My first month of freelancing full time went terribly bad, I wasn’t  able to get that work-life balance and it only made me loose some really important assignments.

That’s when I decided to track all that I do daily and started using tools to help me out.

  1. You think you can just copy/paste and get away

You think writing is such an easy damn job to do? I mean, all you have to do is write a few sentences and get paid, right? NO.

It’s absolutely not easy. You cannot just write whatever you want and expect the client to shell out money. You have to understand the client’s requirements and see what it is that they are looking for. And yes, there is absolutely no room for plagiarism and there is no valid excuse for it.

  1. You are a blogger and that makes you great at writing

Having your own blog doesn’t make you a writer by default. There are many things that go in the background when you are a freelance writer – the SEO, the keywords, using copyright free images (Be honest, do you really do it for your blog) , and creating bulks of huge original content everyday.

When you are blogging casually, you write like 500 words in a week. When you become a freelance writer, there will be days when you would have to write 5 times that much of content with the same fresh mind. And that is way more challenging than it sounds.


So now that we are through all the terrible reasons to be a freelance writer, are you still up for the job?


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    1. Definitely Gowtham! I feel its so much harder to concentrate at home but at the same time I also don’t have to compromise on a lot of other things that I would have if I were working in office

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