5 Apps Every Freelance Writer Should be Using

Every Freelance Writer has tools they use to make them a great writer. The idea behind using these apps is to automate extra processes that we have to handle but we don’t want to handle. The main type of apps I use are for scheduling to make sure I am always on time with my assignments.

Working from home is difficult and it can often make you lazy, that is why it is important to use great apps to always keep you on track. I like to think of them as my own personal assistant.

1.    Trello

One of my favourite apps of all times, Trello manages your work in the form of place cards. Because its so visual, you can instantly see what work is pending and what isn’t. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.

So basically, what you do is add different lists like – To do, Work in Progress and Done and keep moving your assignments as you progress with them. You can also add dates, add more members, and even chat.


5 Apps Every Freelance Writer Should be Using


2.    Asana

Now Asana is a great tool if you are working with a big team. You can make different projects, add several tasks in it, assign it to a team member, add check lists, attach files from Computer, Dropbox and Google Drive and even chat right there to discuss the work. I mean seriously, what else do you want in life?

I am going to be honest and say that I can sleep better at night because I have Asana. It saves you from the constant back and forth emails and you can instantly know what work is done and what work needs to be done.


5 Apps Every Freelance Writer Should be Using


3.    Toggl

I have talked about this app before and that is because Toggl is an absolute necessity for Freelance Writers. Sometimes you get paid the same for two different projects and while you might be writing approximately the same number of words, one project takes double the time.

That is because every project is different and instead of just quoting a fixed per word price, you should first understand all the requirements, analyse how much time it would take you and then quote a price.

Toggl also helps you keep track of how many hours you are working in a day.


5 Apps Every Freelance Writer Should be Using



4.    MailTrack

Not technically an app, MailTrack is an add-on for Gmail. You know when you send a query to an editor and you are not even sure if they read it or not? After you install MailTrack for Gmail, you get notified whenever your email is read.

This honestly gives me the peace of mind. Extra Bonus – You also get to know if clients are ignoring your payment emails.


5 Apps Every Freelance Writer Should be Using


5.    Google Calendar

Probably the most obvious one but I love it. Google Calendar syncs easily with calendar on my iPhone and I get constant reminders about any deadlines or meetings.


5 Apps Every Freelance Writer Should be Using

Which is your favourite app?

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