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I am always looking for bloggers and freelance writers to write for us and share their story on the website. I build this website to share what I have learnt from my experience in the freelance writing business and I would love to know about your encounters as well.

Writers get full credits for their articles and exposure to thousands of readers

Guidelines for Guest Posting on Write Freelance

1- The topics must be about freelance writing or writing in general. They should be related to what we usually cover. Any other topic won’t be accepted.

You could choose topics related to

  • Finding freelance writing clients
  • How to write better
  • Ways to get better pay
  • Productivity for writers/freelancers
  • Social media marketing for writers
  • Your own freelance writing journey

2- Send me a small pitch of the article you wish to write at ritika(at)writefreelance(dot)in with Subject – ‘Guest post pitch for Write Freelance’. The pitch should contain:

  • The headline for the article
  • All the main points that you wish to discuss in the article

Note – Pitches with only a heading will not be approved

3- Once you receive the green light from me,  start writing. Make sure, the draft has:

  • At least 500 words
  • 2-3 relevant backlinks to writefreelance.in
  • Royalty-free images wherever needed. (They should be at least 500 px wide)
  • No external backlinks
  • A small bio about yourself and a cute picture. You can link your own website in the bio

4- Mail me the final article and wait for it get published (I will notify you when it does get published)

What I expect from you

  • A detailed and concise pitch that completely explains what you are trying to achieve with this article (Possibly in bullets)
  • A complete article that reflects your pitch and is highly detailed
  • An extremely attention grabbing title (Use Coschedule)
  • Sub-headings that make the article easily readable
  • No bragging or self-promotion in the article (You are welcome to do that in the bio)
  • No sponsored links or affiliate links of any kind

What you get from me

  • A professional clip to add to your portfolio
  • Detailed editing advice
  • Wide promotion to this blog’s audience, social media followers and subscribers

Ready? Write for us !

Mail me your pitches at Ritika[at]writefreelance[in]