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4 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block
By Prabhu Krishnamoorthy / February 18, 2016 / Comments: 0

One of the common hurdles writers face is Writer’s Block, which was a term coined back in the late 1940’s. As writers, we stare at empty monitors a lot than more than any other profession.

In situations like these, you have two choices-

1 – Close the tab and go back to your non-interesting Facebook feed

2 – Write something


Even if you have chosen the second option, I can already hear your question – “ How the heck am I supposed to overcome a writer’s block?”

4 Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

Here are the list of things you can do whenever you hit the dreaded writer’s block

lt;em>“You are not Super Hero”. So instead of staring at your blank screen write down anything that comes to your mind. And, I mean anything.


How was your day?

Why do you hate Sunday morning hangover?

Why DeadPool movie box office collection is so high ?


Let the creative juice start running. You don’t need to publish your personal rants but this technique will help you move forward.

Who knows your rant on Facebook free-basics may end up featuring you in Business Insider. All the best.


4. Use Quora

Writing is more of a Q&A session. Sometimes you write answers to others question and sometimes for yourself. But, the problem with this approach is – where to find quality questions?

Hands down, Quora is the biggest platform out there pouring with questions ranging from Space Science to Celebrity break-ups. Its up to you to choose the best. You can answer on Quora or collect a set of questions in your field of expertise and write a detailed answer to that.

Once the needle starts to move, it becomes very easy to write down your thoughts.

Disclaimer: Don’t get lost in Quora while choosing best question. Set yourself a time limit for picking low hanging fruit.


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