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5 Free Tools Every Freelance Writer Should use
By Ritika Tiwari / July 30, 2015 / Comments: 10

If you are a writer you cannot just expect to write directly on your typewriter and assume everything will work out. Every freelance writer needs his handy tools to make his work easier and faster.

There are some tools that I completely stick to and I would probably go insane if I had to work without them, in fact I don’t think I would be able to work at all.

Here are some tools every freelance writer should use –

  1. Evernote

I use it for one simple reason – Its syncs everything! If I am in a cab stuck in traffic and I have this great idea for a write-up, it would be stupid to type it down in ‘notes’ app and then transfer the file to the laptop to copy paste the whole thing, or worse type the entire thing down.

With Evernote, all your notes get directly synced from your phone to your laptop or your tablet. I know people have negative things to say about the ‘cloud’ but at least it’s always there over your head. If I lose my phone, I wouldn’t worry about all the content that I lost because it would already be there on my Evernote account. (Yes, for me losing my content is worse than losing my phone)

The best part – you don’t have to save anything, it gets auto saved.




  1. Grammar checker – Ginger

When you are a writer and you self-edit all your content, there will always be times when you miss out your errors. I have found it very difficult to find my own errors instantly, I either had to take a break and go out or sleep on it and edit the content with a fresh mind.

While there are many grammar checkers in the market right now but none of the free ones are as effective as this one. Well, I would give it a 6/10 with the others not even able to score a 5. This is definitely helpful to some extent but I wouldn’t go relying on it.

efreelance.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Toggl.png” alt=”Toggl” width=”640″ height=”363″ />


  1. Google Calendar

Hail to the King ! Did you really think I could complete this list without a Google product on here?

Google Calendar is my go-to app for all my submission deadlines. I have a very short memory span and I really forget things easily if I don’t write it down somewhere to remind me. With Google calendar, you can set a different colour, a different priority for each task and decide when you want to be reminded of it. Just as simple as that. Also, it makes sure you did not make too many commitments for a single day.

  1. Canva

Yes, it’s all about writing but there will be times when the client would ask you to add some pictures or edit some for the articles and though I know Photoshop, I really don’t like using it that much because it takes a lot of hard work to edit pictures in it, so instead I use Canva.

Another tool that I came across while writing an article for a client, this changed my life for good. It is so simple and easy, you have to use it to believe it. It has an array of free pictures and layouts that you could use and the ones that are not free cost only $1 each.

Why I like Canva so much is because it automatically adjusts the pixels so well that you would never have to worry about ending up with a blurry image. No matter what you create, it looks polished and amazing.

Canva has also recently launched a handy Android app to help users design on the go.


PS – Most of the pictures on this website are from Canva



What are the tools that you love using? Is your list better than mine ?


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Badal Nyalang
Badal Nyalang

This is nice! Really like the essence of how you captured your own experience. I’m using similar tools, being a new writer I would suggest everyone to grab on some of these! Just FYI, I use these tools: Grammerly for editing, Harves app fo time and yes canva and photoshop for images! Thans for sharing 😉


Very useful post Ritika. I am already an user of Ginger and from this list ‘toggl’ sounds good. Every freelance writer should track their time spent on each project, only then they will understand the actual time spent on their project. Thanks for sharing.


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I did not even know there were all these tools 🙁