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How to Write the Perfect Proposal for Freelance Writing Jobs
By Ritika Tiwari / July 16, 2015 / Comments: 0


If you have gone around websites that offer freelance writing jobs online like Elance, Upwork or Freelancer, you would know that all of these websites require you to submit a proposal when you are bidding for the project.

You might be new to this and take it lightly but let me tell you these proposals are your first impressions in front of the client and if you mess this up, you might just not get the job.


Here are some of my tips for writing proposal for freelance writing jobs –


  1. Do not create a generic proposal and copy paste

Creating a single statement and thinking it would work with every project is just wrong. When the client tells you your requirement, you have to let him know why you would be a great fit to execute it.

You think you are the only smart one around, trying to save time by copy/ pasting stuff ? The client has probably seen many more proposals like that.

  1. Read the project requirements

You got to remember one thing – it’s not about you, it’s about the project. Read client’s requirements carefully and let them know how well you can handle it.

Avoid taking the project in haste and then realise what a dump you have got yourself into. Take your time to analyse the situation and then take a decision.

recognize you are not serious about his own project. Be choosy about your projects but make sure you bid on the ones you are interested in.

  1. See the other bidder’s you are competing with

How would you know where you stand without checking your competition ? Cross check through each and every other person on the list and know where you stand against them.

If you think they are better than you then see why they are better and what you could to do match up to their level.

  1. No big stories, get to the point

Do you know how annoying it is to read a 300 word proposal ? The client is already confused with the plenty proposals on his hand, and he will never have the time to read through the entire proposal.

Keep it simple and short, within 100-150 words and stick to the point

  1. Proofread your proposal

It can be super embarrassing when you are applying for a writing job and you have a spelling mistake in your own proposal ! You know you have lost the project then and there.

Proofread your proposal atleast a million times before hitting send and save yourself the embarrassment.

  1. It’s not about winning the project but working on it

So your billion dollar proposal won against the others and you finally won the project? Instead of gloating on your victory for the next whole week, start working it and putting your heart into it.


Hope I helped you a little today ! Till next time J



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