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How to Land Paying Writing Gigs Without Samples
By Ritika Tiwari / July 21, 2015 / Comments: 4


It can be very hard as a writer when you are just starting out. The first thing that every client asks for is your portfolio and samples, and you obviously wouldn’t have any when you are just starting out.

Instead of beating yourself over it, you need to find ways to get around it and do it right.

Here are some of my tips to get writing gigs without samples –

  1. Write a relevant one

If you don’t have one, why not write one yourself? You could offer to write a short 150-200 words sample for your client to help him judge if you are really perfect for the requirement. Do your writing do the talking instead of the experience

  1. Offer a very,very cheap price

You might be up against well experienced writers, but the thing about experienced writers is that they charge a lot. So why not offer a cheaper rate and try to lure the client in?

People tend to find a freelancer because they want a project done quickly and at cheaper rates, and if you can convince the client you would do everything to make sure the quality is not compromised, he might just get convinced!

when people said I wrote pathetically, that I didn’t deserve to be a writer and my work is actually equal to pennies.

No matter what they say, just don’t let it get to you and keep going on strongly.


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hmmmmmm .. I dont think I am that material .. but good advice for sure

Shiv Kumar

Really great article Ritika. Short but to the points.