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How to Get Clients When You are New to Freelance Writing
By Ritika Tiwari / July 6, 2015 / Comments: 0

This is the one question that I get almost daily from a lot of people around me. There are many good writers around but they just don’t know how to put their services in the right order to actually earn from it.

First and most importantly, you have to stay focused. If this is something you are trying to do just so you can cross it off your bucket list then just spare yourself the trouble and not do it

Here are some of my little tips to get clients when you are absolutely new to freelancing –


  1. Build your blog and show off your writing skills

If you are a writer and you still don’t have a blog then I suggest making one right now and then come back to read the rest of the article. Your blog is your portfolio and for your clients to know the other side of you.

I cannot even tell you how many assignments I got just because my clients liked my blog dating site nh. Yes, every client has a different requirement and the kind of writing they might need could be completely different from what you write on your blog but what matters is them knowing that you are actually good at writing.

Also, it helps in proving your legitimacy.

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  1. Invest your time – Do free work

So you are new and you do not have any samples with you? Instead of taking time and writing one yourself, why not find a client who needs work done and do it for free?

This will not only help you get your work analysed from the client’s side but it will help you build a good and healthy relationship with the client.

Do it because you love it, not for the money.



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