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How Much Should You Charge for Freelance Writing?
By Ritika Tiwari / September 12, 2015 / Comments: 6

When you are just starting out, the one thing you are really confused about is the writing rates for freelance services. You don’t want to charge too low, obviously but you also do not want to charge too high that makes the client completely reject you.

I had a sweet girl mail this to me this week and that is when I realized how important it is to discuss prices.

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Firstly the rates mentioned in this mail are too low and you should definitely not work on those rates, even if they try to lure you in by saying it will be a long time gig and there is future possibility of a raise. That just means, they have got a low paying writer for as long as they want.

And secondly, if you are reading this just because you want to know that magic number that will make your life better then let me tell you – it ain’t gonna happen.


It all depends on you

I found this same thing written over and over again on every freelance writing site – every writer has a specific place in the freelance writing arena, and hence the different prices. Well that is just horse shit, if you think you are good at what you do you ask for what you think you deserve.

The only reason you should listen to him is when you actually like the project and you really want to write about the particular topic.

Lure the client in and let him know how dedicated you are, let him know you are a great writer and he won’t regret hiring you.

  1. Increase your rates periodically

This is very important when you are just starting. Do not work on the same rates for more than a month. Experiment and increase your prices every now and then. This will give you a space to move on. If you work at the same rates for way too long, you will just end up being at the same place with no scope of improvement.

  1. Do not write FREE SAMPLES

I cannot stress this enough – Do not write free samples for a client, until and unless you really think he is a genuine client and you actually don’t have any previously written samples to show him.

But keep in mind, most of the clients who ask you for free samples with a promise of ‘I might pay if I like your work’, will never ever pay you. They will probably do the same thing with a number of other writers and VOILA! They have all the articles they wanted, free of charge.

  1. Don’t let anyone trick you into believing you don’t deserve what you are charging

In fact don’t even work with people who tell you that, just run away. These kind of people are the ones who don’t even appreciate or know good writing, they just want someone who can write for them at cheap rates.

And if after reading this you are still confused about what to charge or a client is offering you something but you don’t know whether to take it up or notare cougar dating sites real ( I promise !)

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So I am freelancing as a copywriter, for various brands through a renowned digital marketing agency. They paid me around 3000 for a brand which had 12 posts each for FB & T, in a week and 8 posts for insta( post copy + img copy). Do you think the rates are fair? Also, I work another brand which requires much more work and research. How much should I charge?
An answer would be helpful.


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