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Freelance Writing Terms You Need to Know
By Ritika Tiwari / July 2, 2015 / Comments: 0








It is easy to just jump in and decide you want to do freelance writing, but to actually write and understand the business that goes on can be a bit difficult. I often have new writers coming on to me and asking about specific terms and what they actually mean, so I decided to compile a whole list of terms for you to refer to whenever in need



  1. Ghostwriting – You write the piece, you get a pretty good pay out of that piece (Hopefully!) but you don’t get the credit for it. This is a very common practice on websites today when the brands want to hire professional writer to write on behalf of those brands. I know a lot of writers have a problem with it. I personally don’t mind until it is helping me pay my rent.


  1. Copywriting – This is all about creating professional and promotional content for companies to increase their business. There are ecommerce business, startups, restaurants – everyone and everything just leads back to copywriting



  1. Lead magnet – You see those websites that have pop ups for subscription, claiming to give you an amazing ebook right when you subscribe ?(Well, in my defence, the pop ups on this website just innocently ask you to subscribe without any bribes) Those are lead magnets. And pop ups are not the only kind of lead magnets, clients are looking for writers that can write good lead magnets and lead the customers back to their website



  1. TL;DR – Stands for Too long, Didn’t read. Don’t ever say that to a writer. Ever.


  1. Escrow – That’s a term you will usually come across on sites like Elance and Upwork. When a client hires you for X $ , he has to actually pay then to the site and that money is help with the website for your and client’s payment protection. The escrow money is released after the project is completed, or if the freelancer fails to complete it the money can be returned back to the client.


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